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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was able to track down the Fitzgerald website through Yahoo search. Prices do look attractive but wondering if there is manufacturer to dealer incentives hidden in the internet pricing. Also, do you know if there is add-ons for document fees? Obviously, tax & title are extra but I believe I read in earlier post that they provided a $99 credit and charged $15 for a temp tag for out of state purchases. May have to check them out if there willing to find a specific vehicle for me as there present inventory does not show my RAV of interest. Also noted that they had a few 2009's in their inventory. First dealership that I came across that had 2009's and these were advertised at $100 below invoice.
  • Click on this link. I have gained a lot of knowledge here, and have gotten a local dealer who started at $29,455 down to $28,200 and I told him I would get back to him .

    Go to their new cars and fill out what type of Rav you want
    They list MSRP, INVOICE, VIN #s etc. I have gone to site 4 times today
  • I was just offered $500 cash back in Long Island City New York zip code 11372 10028 etc
  • Was your $99 processing fee part of Fitzgerald's posted internet price or was that an additional line item? Anything happen in the last few days to change your opinion for dealing w/ Fitzgerald's. Only thing I would like to find out is if their internet pricing included any manufacturer to customer rebates or manufacturer to dealer incentives.
  • Just go to Toyota's website and select shopping tool/local specials..and type in your zipcode. Your zipcode states $500 cashback, and it looks like 0% for 36 months..they can be combined now?
  • Friggan NY's another world up there!! Now you are talking Mazda..that's $4000 under MRSP if I am reading your numbers right. Why do you say $800 less than what you are getting locally? If you can wait until will be able to get them for even less..maybe? But you are going to lose your choices of color and features, because people will be buying them quickly with the deals availible..and you might lose some incentives like financing and cashback. I am sure the prices they are quoting you include cash back deals. But who cares? You want the vehicle at the best possible price.

    I would make sure the car that they are quoting is on the up and up. Man..that sounds good so far!

  • kreibebw - No you cant combine cashback and 0% financing; I went to a dealer and the incentives sheet read one "OR" the other.

    I have been negotiating over email for

    2008 v6 4x4 Limited
    3rd row seat
    JBL spkr + Bluetooth

    tagged along - Tow prep and alloy wheels

    The best I could come up with was $17890 + TTL. I am still in the process and will post as I have an update. This is Seattle area by the way.
  • I say $800 less ( $810) to be exact, because at Fitzgerald world I can get the car for $27,390 while the New York dealer gave me his last best price as $28,200.

    Fitzgerald is $810 cheaper that that price.

    But I also realize that this same local dealer, that is now willing to sell me the car for $28,200 , gave me his best offer 3 days ago as $29,554. So I succeeded in getting his best price down by $1354 just from what I learned in this forum.
    And I aint done yet LOL :)
  • Is that a typo? Do you mean $27,890 for a Limited
  • oops sorry. Yeah meant $27890 + TTL
  • Too bad..I'd fly to Seattle in a heartbeat... ;)
  • Rupter can you please put a hyperlink here for the site where I can get the 2208 Invoice. I had it bookmarked I thought , but I can not find it for the life of me.
    Remember you got it for me yesterday. Then I got it myself and now I cant find the site to do it again with different options .
    Do all you guys know, that the longer a dealer has a car, the lower the selling price becomes.I do not know if that lowers the invoice also? Something like that reverse thinking by dealers? :)
  • Sure Mazda, here it is. If this is not what you are looking for, let me know. Just add all your options. Mudguards will not be on there. Like I stated earlier..don't pay more than $50.00 for those.

    The invoice price is not going to change no matter how long the dealer has the car. What will change is the depreciation of the car as it gets older. Once the 09's come out the depreciation of the car is going to be more.
  • Came across this during my search. Anyone near VA looking for RAV4 should check this dealer out. They seem to have crazy prices.

    Here is one example:
  • Nice post kernel. They certainly do have some nice prices advertised there!
  • **excludes State taxes, tags and processing fee of $369. New vehicles are plus Delivery & Handling Fee (Freight), $660/720 for cars and $685/750 for Vans, Trucks & SUV's.
    Add that too the $26,960.00 ( of a comparably equipped Rav 4 V6 Limited )and I think my Fitzgerald World offer of $27,390 is better.Even if its just the delivery fee of $750 added it comes to $27,710 .
    I am almost certain Fitz said no delivery fees etc . I do not know about processing fees.
    I will call Fitz tomorrow and make sure there online price includes all those things ,like they say on their site.

    But as usual they more info we have the better off we are . :)
  • I did not look into the fine print on their site mazda..good work.

    So they have a separate delivery fee? And it's not the destination charge?

    I'll tell gotta be really careful with these dealers. If someone is going to purchase a car a long way from home, I would recommend that they get the dealer to fax the deal on paper to them with the total price of everything involved down to the penny. This way you would know up front, before making that long drive only to discover hidden charges when you get there. If they won't do this, then something is amiss.
  • osagiosagi Posts: 15
    Can you provide the dealer name and email me the rep that you're dealing with? I'm from Bellingham and the local dealer is offering $28,500 on a V6 Awd, Limited trim.
    Options include:
    and I think dealer doc fees are extras.
  • In the market for a new RAV4. Love the Limited 4x4 AWD. Dealer won't budge below 29,600 ( Including TTL ). This has full leather package, heated seats, Moonroof, climate control and 6CD changer.
    Is this is a good deal or should I wait it out for a month or so for the '09's ??
    I'm in 06460
  • [This post applies to 2008s (not 2009s).]

    I know this may be an unpopular post but....

    I don't think people should be getting RAV4s right now, especially 6cyl 4WDs.

    I really researched small vs. mid size 6cyl AWD/4WD SUVs, and while I think RAV4s may have the best offerings for the small SUV, especially the great gas mileage, Toyota is just charging too much -- only $2000-4000 off MSRP on a typically $25-35K MSRP 6cyl 4WD model.

    Sticking to reliable, reasonabley priced Japanese makes -- Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, not Acura, Lexus, Infiniti -- I came to the following conclusion:

    If you really want a 7 passenger car, get a CX-9 -- with $7000-$10000 off a typically $30-40K MSRP AWD model. (plus the 3rd row is a real third row) (A Honda Pilot has good deals now, too.)

    If you only want a 5 passenger car, get an Xterra -- with $6000-$9000 off a typically $25-35K MSRP 4WD model. (plus you can go off-road if need be.)

    I know these aren't usually considered comparisons to the RAV4, but I think my conclusions are still valid. in particular, the typical comparisions to the RAV4 have their own problems -- CRV and Elements also have no real discounts and because they are 4cyl only, they are woefully underpowered.

    Again, I know the gas on the RAV4 is going to run something like $400-600/year less than a CX-9 or Xterra, but in 5 years, that is still just $2000-3000, not enough to justify the less-than-generous discounts on the RAV4. (I guess if you are going to keep the car for 7-10 years it may make sense????)

    anyway, I decided I wanted a true 7 passenger car, so I got a CX-9. ($7.5K off $36K MSRP, and i think i may have been able to get another $1K off if I had negotiated a bit longer and was not worried about the specific model i wanted getting taken.)

    also, if you get an Xterra, make sure to get the optional rear airbags, you save people and save money on insurance.

  • My dealer wouldnt budge below $29,544 and dropped in on move to $28,200 once I sent him a link to Fitgerald Motors showing the same car for $27,390. You have to get all your info and let him know that you are a informed buyer.
    I have 5 guys offering me that car way below $29000 .
    I do not know where you are but do some research using Edmunds site

    then go to this link

    fill out the model etc and use this as an additional guide.
    One of my dealers that originally said $1000 off the MSRP $ 31,353 was the most I could get off the car, has come down to $27475 via a different salesperson at the same delaer in one week.
    Do your research and I think you could get almost 3K off MSRP or $500 off invoice price .
    Do not get robbed no matter where you live :)
  • If you look at the disclaimer statement for Ourisman Toyota it appears that the Delivery Fee is the typical freight charge. 'Pricing includes any applicable Toyota customer cash. It excludes State taxes, tags and processing fee of $369. New vehicles are plus Delivery & Handling Fee (Freight), $660/720 for cars and $685/750 for Vans, Trucks & SUV's.' The 'plus' terminology is obsure. I'm taking that these delivery fees need to be added to the 'no hassle price'. If that is the scenario, this is not a good deal at all; especially when you include the $369 processing fee (which is all mark-up). As rupter suggests, get it in writing if possible before making the long trip. Mazda...let us know if you get any further pricing clarification from Ourisman. Seems like they 'back out' the freight charge in order to advertise a lower no hassle price and then add it back in at the end of transaction. A deceptive practice IMO. I too am going to look closer at the 'fine print' on the Fitzgerald website.
  • Here is what I found after looking at some of the details on the Fitzgerald website. You need to select a vehicle and click on the CONSUMER INFORMATION tab.

    -This is a New vehicle located in the state of Pennsylvania.
    -Price Does NOT Include Tax, Tags, Title, Optional Dealer Processing Charge of $55.

    If you select a car located in MD the processing charge for the processing charge is $99. I'm not sure why the processing charge is different depending on which state the vehicle is located since tags & title are separate line items. I would like to see some clarification on this issue.

    Regarding freight charges. It is quite clear that the internet price includes freight.
  • agreed! They have too many fees tagged along that makes it a lukewarm deal. Fitzgerald - if they can offer the price they quote in their website - seems to be awesome price compared to what I get in Seattle area. Easily beating by $1500 the best deal I have got.

    I wish dealers price matched like internet companies ;)
  • I am not sure that I am prepared to buy this month due to some change in plans. I am buying car and shipping it to Greece.
    But I can tell you @ Fitzgerald I spoke to a salesman who told me since I am in NY I, he would email me all the paperwork and then I could fly, or drive downthere 3 hours or less and buy car , and they will give me 60 day temp plates , and I can register in New York , or New Jersey where my wife has an address.
    So it seems like the tax would not be paid to them , but to the DMV of my choosing. Makes sense to me and someone mentioned buying a car recently from Fitz and they did not try to swindle him.
    Even if this is a not close to you , you can use it as a bargaining tool to negotiate a better price in your region.
    As I have previously said I got local dealer to come down over 2k using this ploy.
    I dont see why you can not do the same .
    Read posts # 2246 and #2255 to see what I mean .
    Also there is a Thompson Toyota in PA offering 3K off MSRP so I believe these prices can be found wherever you are, if you keep searching.
    I personally have 4 guys hounding me and lowering their offers everyday :)
  • Mazda,

    Thanks for sharing your info. I am in eastern PA and Thompson is not too far away. Certainly, Fitzgerald is driveable for me as well. I have yet to contact any dealers for quotes but will likely 'arm' myself with the info from Fitzgerald's and see what happens. I'm not sure if I will pull the trigger in September as well. I may take a 'wait & see' October approach with 2009's coming onto the lots. Fitzgerald's already has a 2009 Limited and a 2009 Sport on their website. On the Limited, the only difference on thier internet pricing seems to be the $500 cash back. In other words, they are selling one 2008 model at about $1000 below invoice of which $500 is manufacturer cash back money. The 2009, which has no rebate (to my knowledge) is listed at $100 below invoice. The '09 Sport is another story as their present pricing is only slightly below MSRP. Suspect this is due to the attention Toyota is bringing to removing spare tire from tailgate,

    I'll be curious to see if Fitzgerald's is willing to do a dealer trade to get me the RAV that I am interested in and then price it similarly to what they are presently advertising.
  • OK. The final final price I have is 27630 + TTL for 2008 v6 Limited (loaded - instead of leather I have 3rd row). That price includes TDA + Holdback. Is it a norm to tack these fees (especially TDA).
  • osagiosagi Posts: 15
    Which dealer? Currently, I am negotiating with 2 dealers. One in Vancouver, WA and one in Gladstore. Same specs as yours but w/ leather w/o 3rd row seat. Final Price before tax is $28,172. I would like to try your dealer if you provide the name. Thanks.
  • This TDA stuff is BS. If they don't get you one way..they get you another. Why do some states charge tda, and others do not? I don't get it??

    I am also in hold mode here. I have a few circumstances that are holding me being the wife..LOL. I want to wait until October for the best deal..but my preferences for vehicle options and colors could dwindle significantly by then. Not to mention the fact that 0% financing could be gone when that month rolls around. I don't care about cashback, as I feel I would get the car for the same price anyway.
  • I refuse to speak to dealers with all those acronyms TDA, TTL, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
    I ask them for a final price with all included without taxes, and either a separate DMV price , or 60 day temp plates and I will register it myself.
    Fitzgerald says one price , internet price and states on their site there is no shipping or processing fee. Also we have someone who actually bought a car from Fitzgerald and states they did not try to scam them after they gave their price.
    Holdbacks are what dealer gets off of the invoice from the manufacturer. Who cares what goes on between dealer and manufacturer. All of that is misdirection , like Magicians use to confuse us.
    All we care is price OTD (out the door) pre taxes or including, as long as price is estabilished before tax.
    They cant lie about that .
    Also I do not know for a fact, but I dont think 3rd seat is as expensive as leather , therefore on first blanche , I think you can still do better .
    I feel everyone should be willing to match Fitzgeralds price, regardless where they are .
    Just my 2 cents :)

    P.S What does TTL , and TDA stand for ?
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