Electrical Issues

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I am pleased to have a forum from which to help other Ford Ranger owners who my be experiencing similar serious electrical issues related to their vehicle. Having spent several weeks discussing my Ranger instrument panel warning light issues at various dealerships and after my Ranger spent 2 days at one dealer who told me they just didn't have time to address the issue I decided to tackle the job myself. So, Ranger owners, if your anti skid light,ABS, Brake warning light, check engine light, Airbag light, start flashing erratically, and your temp gauge,odometer and tachometer quit working intermittently after the truck warms up, check the interior fuse box. Turns out my Ford is having issues with the fuse box/circuit board overheating which causes the fuse holder retainers to burn. Once they get hot the voltage drops to the associated circuit.
In my case it is the #10 instrument cluster fuse and the #1 ABS fuse. This condition also caused several error codes including U0073, U0151, and U0155. I have been told by 2 different Ford parts people a replacement fuse box is on back order until Oct 2015 and the box is being redesigned. Please confirm the fuse box redesign issue and availability for yourself.

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