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2000 Ford F-150 Crew Cab

eagan1eagan1 Member Posts: 1
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Anybody heard of availability of 2000 Ford F-150
Crew Cab, and/or price, or reviews?


  • hudson5hudson5 Member Posts: 28
    I've heard early January. I spoke with a dealer in Austin, they are taking orders. He said he'd sale one for 1000.00 over invoice. I told him I thought that was high since they got the holdback. He said that they wern't gonna make very many. We disagreed on that also.
    I'm kinda torn between this truck and a SD CC.
  • mgdohermgdoher Member Posts: 1
    Which dealer in Austin gave you that price?
  • xvelascoxvelasco Member Posts: 1
  • hudson5hudson5 Member Posts: 28
    It was Leif Johnson Ford. They'll sell me a SD CC for 500.00 over invoice.

    I gots a question for you Austin folks.
    How is the TT&L calculated????

  • bigsnagbigsnag Member Posts: 394
    The 2000 prices are up on Edmunds already. As for price, there is a place in Oklahoma that will sell any Ford product, car, truck, sd, whatever, at invoice. That's where I got my Y2K GT with every available option for 22.5K, destination, gas in the tank, everything out the door.
  • ranft6ranft6 Member Posts: 1
    Apparently the F150 crew will only come on a 137.5" wheelbase with a 5.5 foot bed
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    The latest edition of Truck Trend magazine has an article on the new crew cabs from all the different manufacturers (Ford, Dodge, Nissan, etc). I think it tells release dates, etc. If the F-150 crew cab is a hot seller, Ford will make alot of them. The only truck that I can remember them making a pre-release commitment to only produce a limited amount of was the Lightning.
  • tandeltatandelta Member Posts: 5
    The dealers in South Carolina say you have to wait until January to get one. I will check Truck Tred Magazine for the article. Do you think you can pull a 6,000 lbs. trailer with the 5.4L V-8 without a problem?
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
  • hesmerhesmer Member Posts: 7
    I'm new to this site and about to order the new 150 crew cab....any word on what the invoice/msrp might be? Should it be in line with the 250 short bed, or less? Didn't see anything on Edmunds regarding price. Educated guess anyone?
  • travismltravisml Member Posts: 10
    Bigsnag, if you're still around, what is that place in OK that sells fords at invoice? I live in Austin, TX but travel through OK on my way to Kansas often.
  • tandeltatandelta Member Posts: 5
    Hey hesmer #10, I am looking for the same thing. I can't find the prices out either. Heard the New Truck Trend Magazine has an article on them, but I don't know about MSRP. I want the 5.4L engine and I am waiting for Edmunds to come out with pricing. Someone said they started ordering them so the prices should be available somewhere. Let me know if you hear anything. I've been working too much to research.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    I don't know if Bigsnag is talking about Isbell Ford in Oklahoma, but if he is, they are out of business. Bigsnag might have been the one to tell me they went out of business. I bought my Ford at Isbell last year for $99 below dealer invoice. Hopefully, Bigsnag knows another OK dealer who can make a similar deal for you. I lived in Dallas when I bought my truck in OK. I did wait a long time for my truck, which was the trade off for the good price.
  • hesmerhesmer Member Posts: 7
    Hey Tandelta #12 I went to Capital Ford in Raleigh and tried to order the new 2000/2001 F-150 Super Crew. When we went to plug in the specifications (they at least have the ordering information now) of the truck I wanted...the computer wouldn't generate any pricing. Therefore, I'm in a holding pattern and I've heard everything from December to March for a release date. I did find out a couple of things though: The spoked rims shown in the one picture I have of this model are not available... and the chrome side steps are an aftermarket add on. Anyway if you're interested in seeing the various options and what not, a dealer should be able to provide those for you now.
  • bigsnagbigsnag Member Posts: 394
    Sorry for not being around for a while. The name of the dealership is Klement Ford. It is located in Shawnee, OK, which is just east of OKC on I-40. They will sell any car on their lot or any car you want to order for invoice, plus $49 "processing fee". I just bought my Y2K GT Mustang, with everything, auto, leather, every available option. Got it for right at $22,500, that's over $2000 off sticker. They are really cool there. They will print you out a sheet with the options and the invoice price with it, just like you can find here on Edmund's. They are as straight-up as you can get. They show you every charge, including destination, gasoline, everything. It is the invoice Ford sends them. I know I probably sound like a commercial for them, but they worked great for me. The guy I dealt with was Rick Lewis. I didn't even know about this dealership, I just kinda stumbled upon them, but that's another long story, itself. One more thing. Every other dealer here around OKC has gone to that Auto Collection thing. One "no hassle" price. That would be great if they weren't so high. At least at Klement it is no hassle and your getting it at invoice. Let me know if you need any more info.
  • tandeltatandelta Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the update. I will go to a dealer here in Greenville, SC at a dealer now. I will let you know if they have prices yet. I thought the picture looked a little showy. March seems like forever to wait. Hope I survive sticker shock.
  • tandeltatandelta Member Posts: 5
    Well, the above note of mine to Hesmer just proves that you can't hold a conversation with 2 other people in the room at the same time and type a sentance in English that makes sense.
  • hesmerhesmer Member Posts: 7
    Let me know what, if any, pricing you get. In fact you may want to inquire about some sticker relief if you were to provide them with two sales. I'm not opposed to going to Greenville (I'm in Wilmington) to buy my truck.
    FYI... I'm getting mine loaded.
  • rickinctrickinct Member Posts: 4
    I'm considering a leftover 99 XL SuperCab 4 door with 4.2L v6, 60/40 split bench, A/C, Am/FM/Cassette/Clock Radio and 3.55 Limited Slip. The Dealer says it's just a few hundred over invoice but I can't find the numbers on Edmund's. The price is $17,950 (with a $750 rebate). From what I can estimate, the invoice should be around 17,300 and 17,700, can anyone confirm this?
  • bigsnagbigsnag Member Posts: 394
    Here's a link to Edmund's page that has '99 pricing. You'll have to add up the options yourself. Hope this helps.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    YOu can also check out prices and options at the Kelley Blue Book site at

    When he says just over invoice, the dealer is likely talking about his actual invoice before the rebate, especially with the new Supercrew and Explorer Sport Trac coming out and making more competition for the regular pickups. Since it is a leftover and an XL and a 6 cylinder, you should be able to get it for invoice minus the rebate.

    Most people in the Superduty topic area have been ordering new trucks for less than $1,000 over invoice and many are getting theirs for only a couple hundred over invoice. A leftover should definitely go for less. Remember that if the dealer sells you the truck for dealer invoice minus the rebate, he still makes money because he gets a holdback equal to 3% of the MSRP window sticker.
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