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Chevrolet HHR



  • that is an unbelievable price! did the 2LT have any additional options? sounds like you got an auto since you were discussing the hill downshifting. i can't believe they would come down so much that quickly, being that this is a new car. did you get them drinking some whiskey before they agreed to the price? :shades:

    in what region of the country was this?
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    On 260 Watts in the Pioneer, they are probably doing what all car radio statements do today. 260 Watts divided by 7 speakers comes out to less than 40 watts per speaker (more likely 20 watts in smaller speakers and 80 watts in the subwoofer, etc etc.) Not a lot of power. That trend of calculating watts started in earnest about 20 years ago, and I've been sicked by it ever since. I'd prefer to get the base level RMS power rating from the amp, not the results of all speakers added up. But, so is the way of American marketing. Appeal to the idiots, sell a lot. Delco has really been undersold, as I agree their power and clean output is far too often missed in statements by the press. Delco has probably had more experience making good sound than 90% of their competition, and does it with great results. I think I actually prefered the Delco in the '99 Malibu we traded in to the Pioneer in our new HHR (but I think it was the dynamics of the trunk in that car that made the radio sound increadably good.) Not by much on that preference, but at least a little. Anyway, my wife likes the Pioneer, so I'm not saddened at all.

    Are you sure the HHR has Pioneer radio? I think it could be Panasonic

  • Then Panasonic should sue Pioneer,there is a Pioneer logo on rear Bass unit and in the HHR literature it states Pioneer sound system. BTW did you ever turn up the volume on the sound system in a HHR. I am sure there is more than 40 watts of power, as the sound really rocks the vehicle. Best sounding radio in a new vehicle I've ever heard. NO DISTORTION regardless of volume.You are right about Delco being a good radio manufacturer, they have always made quality radios and have been doing it for many years.Why do people tend to downgrade a manufacturers sound system? They spend many hours testing to get it right. :)
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The United States, Canada, and Mexico are all part of North America, yes. Canada has always been considered domestic on the Monrony vehicle sticker label, but Mexico has not. I don't know why the different distinctions, but that's just the way it is. BMW also makes cars in this country, but you reallly can't consider them domestic/American when they are a German company. Toyota's from California are not American cars, they are Japanese cars made in America.

    At the top of the HHR forum there is a consumer review area where I have read others that get mileage into the 30's mpg, and another around 40 mpg highway.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I think the Pioneer system sounds really good with little to no distortion, but I also think it falls about 100 watts short of it's claimed power.

    I agree with the Delco radio comments, they have always been known to be the best stock radio.
  • Midwest. We had 3,500 on our GM Card (Original Program), 1,500 on our Citibank Driver's Edge, 1,000 Oldsmobile Coupon and the balance was negotiation. I will say that dealers aren't negotiating the sticker price that much yet. Since we paid in cash, they reduced it a little.

    We are very happy with our car. It is a manual. I haven't seen the gas mileage ratings as high as stated by others. Ours is closer to the 23 city, 30 hwy range. Still, not bad. I have a Pontiac Vibe with a manual trans. and it gets 30 city, 36 hwy. It has a 1.8L Toyota engine. The HHRs 2.4L is on par as far as the NVH is concerned. I think the HHR is comparable with any import, domestic in its class. Really, really love the versatility and the comfort.

    Do not agree with the Edmunds review.
  • I bought 2.2 auto HHR LS July 22 and now have 1190 miles and I am getting 16.4 to 16.9 mpg in town and I have a light foot and trying to squeak out every mpg. On a couple of short highway trips (150 round trip) I got 24.6 and 26.9 mpg. This is not what I expected and have seen where some others are getting better. The sticker was 23/30 and that was a selling point for me as well as the look of the HHR.
    I'm in late forties and drive very economically. I wondered if it was the use of the AC that was killing my mileage. But got to have AC. I figured it from the dash tabulator and the old fashioned way. Even made sure not being syphoned out at night. Wow this is a disappointment because I really like the HHR. Does anyone have any suggestions?? other than getting rid of it.
    Going in Monday to see dealer because I ponied up the savings for this so would not have payments, and this is a far cry from what I was lead to believe it would get.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I can not see how a heavy van like car could get 40 MPG....... maybe 30 MPG. Think about it, a Corolla at say 2,500# and a 1.8 liter engine gets up to 40 MPG. Now add six or seven sacks of concrete, square up the face a bit, make it higher, and see if that Corolla would get 40 MPG with a 2.4 liter engine. It ain't gonna happen, unless driving all down hill. The best of the best is a Civic HX, which is a stick, and can get 44MPG and in the real world driving as high as say 48 to 50. A really light car, with a lean burn engine. If there is a way to make the HHR get 40MPG, then people will trade in a lot of cars to get this gem. My PT has gotten 20 to the very highest on a level highway just shy of 30 MPG. I did a little in town, so maybe it could have gotten 30. But 40 MPG is a miracle van-car!

  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    My PT sticker for gas MPG is the same as your 22/30. It actually gets around 20 to 26. Sure on rare cases a bit more, and once got almost the 30MPG. These less aero dynamic cars seem to not be able to go above the listed MPG like the other cars I have owned. In the past I got sticker to some 10% higher than sticker MPG.

    You said you have 1,190 miles on the car. Maybe it will get better around 2k to 3k miles on her. If not, see what Chevy has to say. Is this with four people in the car? A lot of cold engine driving? You really should be around 20 to 22 MPG in town, I would think.

  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    This months Consumers Report (page 20) reports that in their testing of vehicles against the Govt. EPA figures...they (CR) averaged from 50% to 35% "LESS" than the actual EPA figures and then goes on to explain why. Very interesting article!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    City driving kills gas mileage. I have had lousy city mileage from a mid '80s Golf, from a supposedly high efficiency Honda CX ('93) and of course from my much heavier PT Cruiser (with auto).

    Your 24.6 and 26.9 mileage on the freeway is actually quite good. My PT Cruiser freeway mileage was 23-24 on the freeway; our CR-V mileage is 24-27 on the freeway. My daily commuter, a 2005 Focus ZX3, which weighs a lot less and has a stick shift, gets a dependable 31 mpg. The highest I ever got was 35 mpg with a Scion xA stick shift on my daily commute, and the same mpg on a stick shift Neon on an interstate trip.

    Don't feel bad. Your life style (city driving) is what it is, and you have a solid, roomy vehicle.Imagine what SUV's get in city driving!
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Again, the HHR Consumer review at the top of this forum has people getting 30 + mpg highway with their HHR, and another one getting around 40. I don't see any reason why some people can't get 35 mpg on the highway. All of my GM's got more than listed mpg.

    Under 20 mpg city driving, even with air, with this fuel efficient four-cylinder engine is unacceptible. I would think there is some kind of problem with the computer or something else.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    " This months Consumers Report (page 20) reports that in their testing of vehicles against the Govt. EPA figures...they (CR) averaged from 50% to 35% "LESS" than the actual EPA figures and then goes on to explain why. Very interesting article! "
    --- end quote ---

    I bet they forgot to take the parking brake off !

    My new PT Cruiser is the only car I have owned which so far has gotten less than
    the EPA. I do have to really baby it to get something around the mileage figures
    the government had. I am pretty sure, all the other cars I have owned got pretty close
    to the average, to as high as 10% greater than the EPA data. A GM V6 usually delivers
    at EPA gas figures, to 10% higher. The HHR, like the PT is going to catch more wind,
    and are heavier cars, so a little heavier foot trying to more the weight along, or a strong
    wind, or a hill to go up really hammers the gas mileage. My '98 Corolla would get around 38 to 40 MPG on the freeway, yet a strong head wind and a hill or two, would dump it down into the 32 MPG range. If it was blockier and weighed in higher, that
    difference would be magnified.

    What CR and others do in tests to get such poor gas mileage in the average car is beyond me. Most cars, in the 1990's got up to 10% better than sticker. Well, perhaps
    Fords did not. But that is hearsay for people griping, and not based on any testing.

  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    you read this months CR edition to get a better handle on how the vehicles were tested by CR and how the "govt." tests to get their figures!!!!!
    Your statements certainly do not agree with the hundreds of complaints in the Edmunds forums of people "constantly" complaining about not getting the EPA figures but a lot less"!!!!!
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well hundreds of complaints about gas mileage, balanced against the silent majority of millions that do get the EPA gas mileage or better, may indeed be the reality. Of course a few cars will be prone to less gas mileage when push hard due to being under-horse powered, or meeting too much wind resistance, or whatever, but on the balance I have had no issues with the EPA figures over the decades of cars I have owned. As for GM, that is the one redeeming quality of all the GM cars I owned - good gas mileage. I think more people are complaining about Ford cars than others, but those too are the ones with a problem. I am sure we all get more vocal when something goes wrong.

  • :shades: Picked it up last night. Looks like everybody is concerned with hp and mpg on this forum. Here's what I know so far. The dash computer showed 27mpg average after about 225 miles. This was mixed, mostly highway miles.

    As far as hp, pretty weak compared to my 108 hp motorcycle. For a small utility vehicle, its right on. If I wanted a hot rod, I would have looked for one.

    It draws a lot of looks. People pull up along side at red lights and ask about it or walk up to us at restaurants and want to talk. We like it. We got the 2LT with everything except the XM. Oh yes, regular gas - no pinging. I quizzed the dealer pretty hard about this one after reading this board. Hope everyone gets a ride they like, whatever you choose. :)

  • 61116111 Posts: 13

    HHR LT1, 2.4 , auto, pioneer, Fog Lights, Roof Rails, MSRP $19200, I only paid $17168.

    I had to order it 6-8 weeks. The problem I had is that every 2.4 in omaha was loaded, leather, onstar etc etc etc pushing the MSRP to $22000 +.

    I hate waiting.
  • awesomeone2 says: As far as your opinion of the HHR is concerned, I believe any vehicle with a 4 cylinder going up-hill will do the same thing. Try it with a Scion. I've driven the Scion, HHR, Matirx/Vibe, PT, small trucks, Mazda 3, and many others and they all upshift going up hills. Putting the transmission in a lower gear will alleviate the problem.

    I say:
    I personally have a Honda Civic know the one with the little 1.3 engine and CVT transmission. No shifting noise and very, very little motor noise going up any hill. The new 4cyl Honda Element and CRV dont do this to any extent.
    Toyota Camry 4cyl, none of this constant shifting...and 35+ miles per gallon.
    Scion..Drove one of those too, 250 miles, nothing like the shifting in the HHR. I think GM could do some adjustments and help that problem. If I want to be shifting gears, I would get a straight drive! Dont get me wrong, I like the HHR. Just drove another new one 250 miles mostly interstate. Great radio and nice driving vehicle. Chevy should sell a lot of them. Dealers are selling them quickly. Gas mileage figures could be better however. Have now driven 3 of them and all around 26 mpg on road <20 around town.
  • Just drove another one 250 miles mostly on interstate. Got around 26 or so mpg at 75 +-3 mph. Would probably get 2-3 more mpg if you were able to hold it down to less than 70 mph, but that is hard to do with all the big SUVs pushing you up and down the road. Around town <20. I have now moved 3 of them and all seem to be the same. I think all were 2.4 engine automatic.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    "balanced against the silent majority of millions???? That's your opinion!!!!! If they are "SILENT" who knows what their average mpg is??? YOU???
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,741
    Let's not have this turn personal please.

    Avoid the trap of letting things escalate. Stick to talking about the HHR, not each other.

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  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    well good morning i thought this was a forum for hhr's only seems i'm reading a lot about pt cruiser's. i just bought an hhr and am interested in reading other peoples comments [pro or con] about it. do u think we can keep this to hhr's only. any way has any one figured out yet how to display time and date on radio screen, by that i mean so that it stays on screen, i'm trying to figure why have the date when it doesn't show all the time. might seem in material to some persons but when i by the best i want it to work properly.
  • hhr06,

    I'm not positive but I think the design is to push the date button to display the date momentarily when you need it. The time on mine stays visible on the radio display but not the date, unless i push the button.

    Now I'm curious... Going to check and see if there is a way to display the date full time, but I doubt it. :confuse:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Has anyone so far experienced gas mileage in town under 14 MPG or on the highway less than 18?

    My guess is 19 to 20 all in town gas mileage, 24 to 26.5 in mixed driving, with 29 to 30 on the highway with a very light foot. Am I close?

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,741
    While discussing where the HHR is built is certainly approriate in this topic, once it veers off into where different makes are built and where the money goes, we've gone seriously astray.

    I've removed some off topic posts to get us back on track here. Let's stick to the discussing the vehicle itself here please.


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  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Why not take the car back to the dealer and have the salesperson set the clock for ya. They work for you, the customer, so they should be more than happy to help you.

  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    tx already did that day of delivery salesman had no idea how to set date ask me when i find out let him no, image that.
  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    ok here goes next topic, do i REALLY need to use premium gas. thought i would start out with 93 octane then next 89, then 87, what is every one else using?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    If you want the extra HP, then yes. I assume, since it was an optional engine, the choice was for extra HP. A wild guess is a drop of 3 to 5 HP. Someone at GM knows just how much. See if the dealership is willing to contract Mother to see if they will give you the data.
    It is possible someone on the board here is a wizard with tweaking engines and has tried different spark advances with a 2.4 liter engine. I think of a Miata, 1.8 liter engine, it would drop around 3 to 5 HP. I would think that GM tested the engine at different octanes, so they have the data. Getting it is another story.

    Your car doesn't have a turbo, so that is not an issue. Most turbo cars that say to use premium, really do mean premium only.

    Oh dang, forgot about something - the warranty. Be sure it does not effect the warranty to use regular gas.

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