Looking for AWD that can lock when needed, similar to Santa Fe, but different manufacturer

badshopperbadshopper Member Posts: 18
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We've been with Hyundai for years and considered leasing our next one until we drove the new Santa Fe. We currently have an '09 Limited and was hoping to get a car similar to that, but the new design is not our taste, the rear visibility is terrible and it's closer to the ground more like a car, less like a SUV. We live in Northeast Ohio and need a SUV that can get over the snow since they don't plow our streets.

What are other mid size SUV's that have AWD that can be manually turned on when needed and not just rely on the car to make that decision. We liked that about the Santa Fe, we could turn on the AWD before trying to get up a very snowy street. What manufacturers still offer that feature? I'm having a hard time even finding a list that details that feature across makes/models. We won't be going back to Hyundai unless they drastically change design in the future. I now see why they've been losing market share since 2013. They don't want to publicly blame design and instead point to other factors, but from our experience they've lost a longtime Hyundai owner due to design. Our whole family, parents and others we got into Hyundai years ago all feel the same way. They don't want to depend on cameras, but want better rear window visibility. I realize they're saying it's for strength and safety, but they've lost the safety of the driver being able to see due to huge blind spots.
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