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imageThe Cooler Fits, Sort of - 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Long-Term Road Test

There's more cargo room in our Volkswagen GTI than you might think. We put a 75-gallon ice chest in back to show you.

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  • racingmaniac1racingmaniac1 Member Posts: 7
    I find the MK7's rear space seems less usable than MK6's. I've recently traded in a MK6 GTI for a MK7(2 door to 2 door), carrying comparable amount of stuff for autocrossing the MK7 seems harder to get them in, even if I think the actual volume is supposed to be larger. It also seems like the space behind the rear seat is shallower.

    Question for your cooler though, did you try to lower the cargo floor? It looks like its at the normal height,
  • guaronaguarona Member Posts: 1
    I think it may have fit if you lowered the cargo floor... maybe?
  • handbrakehandbrake Member Posts: 99
    This is very timely...I have an older VW (08 Rabbit) that I'm about to replace. I'd like to have more utility, so I've been considering a Sportwagen. On the other hand, I really want better performance, so the GTI is my first choice. What I'd like to know from the Edmunds folks (if they respond to comments) is how well the Sportwagen performs compared to a GTI (I have to have a manual, and I am leaning towards the diesel). I know they're different types of cars, but does a Sportwagen have enough performance capability to make it a good alternative to a GTI if you need extra space?
  • darexdarex Member Posts: 187
    The MINI Cooper has a locking forward pitch position for the rear seats for such instances.
  • racingmaniac1racingmaniac1 Member Posts: 7
    Sportwagen is going to be quite nice but if you are looking for GTI speed and handling you won't find it...

  • handbrakehandbrake Member Posts: 99

    Sportwagen is going to be quite nice but if you are looking for GTI speed and handling you won't find it... much as I would want GTI speed, I know I won't get that with a Sportwagen. It's really more about handling for me. I wish VW would bring the GTD wagons here.

  • bc1960bc1960 Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 171
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    75 qt, I think; gal seems optimistic. Coolers come in a bewildering variety of footprints, even from the same manufacturer. I know that Coleman makes another 75-qt wheeled cooler that has slightly different dimensions, and Rubbermaid makes one the same capacity that is longer but less wide, and might fit. It's inconvenient if you already own one, but coolers cost a lot less than cars.

    Just shopped for a new cooler. IMO, Coleman is the best of the mass market brands.... better than Rubbermaid or Igloo..

    The new thing seems to be taller and deeper, but less wide... More of a square than a rectangle
  • bc1960bc1960 Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 171
    Someone else's comment seems to have been appended to mine, part of the ongoing weirdness with Edmunds' forums. I will say that the Coleman Xtreme "5-day" and Igloo Max Cold "5-day" coolers are the best I have used if you are camping or traveling and only want to buy ice every several days. Most of them will work acceptably for a day trip. I see negative reviews on shopping sites from people who don't seem to understand they work best if everything is pre-chilled, and that block ice lasts longer than cubes; if using cubes then filling the chest to the brim will last longer.
  • bckurthbckurth Member Posts: 2
    As others have noted... the floor can be lowered to accommodate larger items. As it so happens last weekend I was able to fit a new Honda (self propelled) lawnmower (Home Depot) in the back of my Mk7 GTI with the seat folded down - a fairly large box - no problem. As a point of reference the cargo cover is also designed to fit nicely beneath the load floor (when the floor is set flush with the threshold).
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