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XC60 T6 AWD Polestar tune impressions

steve027steve027 Member Posts: 5
edited August 2015 in Volvo
Hey all,

I currently live on the east coast at sea level, but I'll be moving to the mountains at ~7,200 ft. elevation, so I'm thinking my next vehicle will definitely need a turbocharger or supercharger. I'm looking at the XC60, and while turbocharged, my understanding is that it would still lose about 5% of its power at 7,200 feet (any clarification on how to more exactly calculate the power loss would be appreciated), and since the XC60 is a heavy vehicle even a 5% loss causes me some concern.

So I'm considering the Polestar tune (not the R-Design as the bigger wheels and stiffer suspension aren't suited to the terrain/weather conditions). However, I've heard that some people don't like the Polestar throttle mapping adjustments (can make it a little touchy?).

I'll definitely try to test drive with and without the Polestar tuning, but I can't account for the elevation change and so far the only polestar tuned engines available in my area for a test drive are on R-Design models. Any thoughts and/or recommendations regarding whether or not I should opt for the polestar tuning? Thanks, all.


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    pocketwatch50pocketwatch50 Member Posts: 1
    I have a xc60 (2015) T6 AWD and I live at 5400 feet and often go into 7000 foot country. The power in that engine is massive so don't worry about the altitude. I had the polestar done a month after I bought the car. The 25 HP is nothing it's the other changes that are done that count. The acc pedal is very touchy. When you start from a stop it's like a racehorse at the gate the thing wants to take off. You need a really light foot on the pedal. I've actually never floored the thing. I've never had to. Going up a freeway on ramp up a really steep hill the think is like a rocketship and you don't have to step down hard. it reminds me of an old Mustang GT with the V8 I used to drive.
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