2004 Murano

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Wanting to know when 2004 Murano will be available for purchase?


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    i've read that there will be "manual" built-in option for the shift and that the seats will be 10 way power instead of 8. but the canadian sire for nissan says only 8 way for '04...anyone else know of changes.
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    About time! Looks to me like the Loaded minus Navigation only went up about $6 in price (but don't take my word for it - my math has been known to be off from time to time... ;)
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    NissanUSA.com indicated on Thursday that my local dealer should have received two 2004 Muranos on Thursday or so. I went today and found a Sheer Silver with Cafe Latte leather SL FWD with the plastic still on everything sitting in the corner. The salesmen claimed they didn't have any 2004's until I showed it to him. The 2004 Touring Package ($4300) includes everything that was in the 2003 Leather Package, Premium Package, Cold Package, and Sunroof. One minor improvement in the 2004 is power lumbar support for the driver. For pricing details, see my longer post in "Nissan Murano: Prices Paid & Buying Experience."
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    While at the dealer (Sterling Va) yesterday, they had 3 2004 Muranos roll of the truck. Earlier the salesman said he did not know when they were coming out but guessed December.
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    Just wanted to know if 2004 Murano is better than 2003? Is AWD better than FWD even when no offroad experience is expected? Please assist...
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    There's nothing like having both ends of the car working for you. I've owned several examples of all driveline configurations. I prefer AWD for driving in any weather, even when it's nice.

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