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Coil Pack - Life expectancy?

hankjoeyhankjoey Member Posts: 13
edited August 2015 in Ford
Car started missing. Also "sometimes" when stop at stop sign - then accelerate it'd seem to "slip", hesitate.. Didn't do all the time. Then recently died and coasted into place. Then waited awhile re started and got to shop. Guys say needs new coil and.. Because it has this internal knock the engine is going.

I had the vacumn elbow changed at 99,100 miles, New Coil Pack in at 99,100 miles, new spack plugs/ Pcv value and valve cover gasket at 125,000.
How long should this coil be good for & is there more than one type of coil the guys talking about. Mileage is now 131,000 miles.
Car is a 1996 Ford Escort LX wagon Automatic.
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