2004 Ford Escape V-6

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I have had a problem with the Check Engine light coming on for a while now. Took it to my mechanic (very good mechanic) and he found that one of the oxygen sensors was bad and changed it.

Before that, we noticed a smell when you run the air conditioning or the heater - it's a fluid burning smell, but not like oil or gasoline. More of a smell like coolant or transmission fluid. We replaced a hose on the power steering that had a leak in it, but the smell remained, even though there is no visible leak anywhere.

Anyway. My mechanic replaced one oxygen sensor and now the diagnostics is showing another one is going bad. We changed the air filter, unhooked the battery to reset the check engine light, and my husband drove the car today on a short trip. On the way out, he did not use the air conditioner. There was no smell, and the light stayed off. On the way back, my son turned the air conditioner on. Within a few minutes, the light was back on and when he pulled under our carport, you could smell that burning liquid smell again.

I've checked all the fluid levels and even checked to make sure they aren't "milky" looking or anything like that. Crawled under the car with a flashlight, looked down into the engine with a flashlight. I put a piece of cardboard under the car a couple of weeks ago to see if there was anything other than the normal condensation dripping - nothing.

But the smell is bad and the light comes on ONLY when we use the heating/cooling.

Any ideas on what this could be? Maybe the MAS? I'm stumped. Thanks.


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