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Using the FCW (Forward Collision Warning)

mamamia2mamamia2 Member Posts: 707
edited August 2015 in Honda
Hi, just got my 2015 Accord EX-L V6 and like it a lot... I notice how the the LDW (Lane Departure Warning) indicator is active when needed, but am wondering about the FCW... To test it I changed the sensitivity to the highest (shortest distance) and tried to come closer than ususal to the vehicle in front of me, while at 30 mph, but still, haven't noticed it warning me.

Does anybody have any experience with it working?



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    oracle_of_rockoracle_of_rock Member Posts: 58
    I been driving my 2014 Accord Touring on a couple of occasions when the FCA flew into action. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what it did except project a signal of some kind on the windshield (I think?). There are several red dots just above the driver's line of vision that light up and I thought it projected on the windshield too. I'm a pretty careful driver so it's hardly ever been used. I can tell you that if your driving fast and the adaptive cruise control kicks in, it just about puts you through the windshield. Been meaning to ask the dealer about that but other than oil changes, nothing ever goes wrong with the car! Next time I'm out, I'll check it out.
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