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I had my 2016 Honda Pilot Touring for about a month now and I really like it as it is my first Honda. After a 5 minute drive to church and a few hours later, I started my Pilot and noticed the Navigation and Entertainment system was blank. The power button wasn't even present. I restarted the vehicle a few times and it wouldn't display anything. The backup camera, lane change camera, navigation, and entertainment option was not available. I could not get to any of the features. I disconnected the battery and everything was reset. Not a good impression for a $40K plus vehicle.


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    Best report it to the dealer and ask them to check the connections. Maybe the battery cable shook loose a bit during transit or something.
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    datastar - you are not alone. Same thing happened to me over the weekend, started the car, drove away and saw no display. Turned the car on and off several times with no success with up to an hour in between starts. Finally, I pulled a fuse to see if it was blown (it wasn't). Gave up and restarted the car and it worked. Dealer is going to complete a diagnostic check for what is worth. I have also experienced the Auto Shut off not always working and poor XM radio sound that can only be corrected by turning the car off and on to remedy.
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    Thanks for the info. Is anyone else having issues with their Pilot? Similar or different? Really debating if we should wait for the 2017 or just get another SUV.
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    This happened to a customer of mine. She was hysterical on Friday. It took two seconds to resolve: 

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    What? You just hit the "Back" button?
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    robho said:

    What? You just hit the "Back" button?

    The sun and moon button.
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    The Sun/Moon to dim the screen wasn't the issue. Look at my image, notice the car is running and Sun/Moon is not avaiable. The dealer did a diagnosis and found nothing. Others reported on piloteer forum that their fuse was loose; my fuses was OK and it has not happen again. My service manager said she is keeping a record incase it is an issue. STILL LOVING MY FIRST PILOT!
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    Today, December 11, 2015, American Honda is announcing a product update for 12,451 model year 2016 Pilot vehicles to update the audio/navi system.

    Basic Problem
    During the shutdown process, the audio/navi system may enter into an infinite loop that the fail-safe mechanism cannot break out of. If this occurs, the display will appear blank, but the system will continue to process the loop, eventually draining the battery.

    The Repair
    Update audio/navi system with enhanced software.

    Service Bulletin
    Service bulletins 15-072, Product Update: Audio-Navigation Unit has been posted to the Service Information System in support of this campaign. It includes software, warranty and update information related to this product update.

    Software Information
    USB drives with the necessary software were distributed to all dealers and should be received by today, December 11, 2015.
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    Have a 2016 Accord Touring. Both audio/navigation and info screen went blank a year ago, took to the dealer and they did something to get everything back. Today it happened again, called the dealer and told me to bring the car in for thorough testing. However, the warranty expired already. So googled the problem and found people just figure out the right fuse, take it out and put it back. Tried multiple fuses under the driver side, no luck. Pop up the hood and loose the positive end of the battery and disconnect for 20 seconds, reconnect, start the car, everything is back (need to push the audio power button for 2 second). Guess save myself a few bucks.
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    Just had this problem THE FIRST TIME. Audio/navigation and info screen went blank. Took it to the dealership. Dealer update cost $120.00. I wonder how long they will guarantee update?
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