My super hot Stingray

reddean1reddean1 Member Posts: 1
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I had this bad [non-permissible content removed], hot corvette stingrays, '69 model. Everyone noticed the car and me. For whatever reason, I felt like I needed a 4 door mom mobile, so I sold the stingray. I still wanted it but I didn't think the car really wanted me. [Email removed] younger me seemed to take my seat.I thought Sold it to the right folks.Later in my life, I saw my car in a lot. It was beat up, smelly, the starter was angry when trying to crank. I was so shocked. I got the car back and got an estimate. The mechanic said it was fixable but had a long way to go. But he floored me when he said the damage this time was nothing compared to what happened to the stingray in its early life. What could have happened to mess up the car so badly in the beginning?
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