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626 & Transmissions

mazdaladymazdalady Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Mazda
This is my 2nd Mazda 626. I'm not sure I'll buy another one and think I need to look at getting rid of the one I have in another year or 2. My first was a '94. When it was 6 yrs old the transmission went out, I had just replaced the blower and a few other things so thought I'd better get rid of it. I got burned. Bought a '97 in 2000. My mechanic said it did not have the same transmission it originally started with. In July 2003 the transmission went out. A used one was put in. This baby is only 6 yrs old and has it's 3rd transmission. I've heard of others who have had to replace transmissions alot in 626's also. What's the deal? I bought this so I WOULDN'T have to do all this. Are they turning into lemons or just the 97's? My true blue independent mechanic only works on foreign cars. But now I'm tempted to go domestic.


  • tmt1961tmt1961 Member Posts: 14
    did you flush transmission fluid every 30k or 60k?
  • cutehumorcutehumor Member Posts: 137
    Question: did you routinely change transmission fluid and filter at least every 30k miles or 3 yrs?
  • mazdaladymazdalady Member Posts: 3
    No, I did not. Do you think that was the reason in all situations?
  • v6enginev6engine Member Posts: 10
    I understand that mid 90s 626s have Ford transmission installed in them rather than one built by Mazda.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
    First: get rid of the car

    Second: These Ford transmissions need to be flushed EVERY YEAR or 12,000 miles; NOT @ 36,000. I just took mine in to Jiffy Lube to have a complete fluid replacement on my 3rd tranny, and I was amazed how brown the fluid looked after just one year. These trannies should have been recalled; the fact that they were not should signal you that Mazda should not earn your business again.
    While it is great that the "Ford Puppet" CEO is OUT at Mazda, keep in mind that the current crop of cars was designed and built under his tenure. I'd avoid them, despite how "pretty" the 6 looks.

    No, 1997 was not a bad year; it simply is not a reliable car which happens to have one of the worst transmissions in history installed in it.
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    '94-'02, four-cylinder models only.

    By my guesstimate, they didn't get this slushbox sufficiently debugged until '99 or so, and it's still not what I'd call bulletproof, although mine is holding up nicely after three years and three cross-country trips. (It's on a 15k fluid-replacement schedule.)
  • riotchriotch Member Posts: 3
    Anybody know if this is a good buy? 70K on it and good apparent condition. I've read some mixed feelings on the car from previous owners.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
    No, no, no!!! I just ran the Edmunds used car price quote and came up with $5,213 for private party sale. Take that with a grain of salt since I don't know what options were on the car, nor if it was a V6. Nonetheless, please save your money and put it towards one of the many great used Toyotas out there. With Toyota, I think you have a much better odds of not buying someone else's headache. Good luck.
  • riotchriotch Member Posts: 3
    Thanks maxx4me. I have decided to look into a camry, accord, or altima instead, any thoughts? I've read too many horror stories on the 626.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
    You've mentioned 3 great running cars. If it is a used car you desire, stay away from the old Altimas; the other two are better choices. If I had money in my wallet to buy a new car, I'd select the one which has the dealer closest to my house, since they are all great vehicles. I would choose the Accord interior over the others (although you have to close your eyes as you run to your house, since the Accord is so bloody ugly on the outside). The Altima is a bit too hard to get into the back seat due to their radically sloping roof line. I'd buy the Camry if the dealer is not a factor. By the way, I here the 6 is not selling very well. I'm not crying for Mazda. They are getting what they deserve for not recalling that pathetic Probe transmission, leaving many customers saddled with high repair bills. There you have it: one man's useless opinion. Happy buying riotch!!
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