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Stabilitrak/Traction Control issues

thekollectorthekollector Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Saturn
So about 6 months after we got our '09 Saturn Outlook, we started getting the dreaded Service traction control/stabilitrak off lights. Called the dealership, they acted like they had no clue what we were talking about. Insisted that it was the transmission and referred us to a transmission specialist. Took it there and the guy told me there was nothing wrong with the transmission but there were a bunch of old codes that popped up. He cleared the codes and it didnt happen anymore for a couple months. It started happening again though, this time with more regularity.

Took it to a GM service center to have it looked at, after a couple of days they called us with a laundry list of things that needed replaced, and gave us an estimate of almost $5000 to do the work.

Took it to a trusted local shop to have the work done, they did all the work that GM recommended for less than 2 grand, Unfortunately, it still didn't fix the issue. Long story short, the truck is still running like crap, every time we drive it, even on short trips, the stabilitrak/traction control lights come on and we're stuck driving at 30 mph. When the issue occurs we cant even turn the truck off, or the battery has to be jumped just to get it to start again.

Has anybody had any success resolving this issue? I think its too late now to file a Lemon law claim as its been more than a year, and we're ready to just get rid of it, even if it means taking a loss. Any advice is appreciated.


  • Did you ever get this figured out?  My 07 outlook is doing the same thing.  
  • Mine too- it recently got wet in a huge puddle and the steering crapped out- now the service stabilizer light is on and it beeps that traction control
    is off.   Just recently it got below 32degrees....     Fixed the leaking sunroof problem
    after 9
    months at dealer after 8 rental cars!!
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