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Dodge Caliber whining noise at acceleration

vadzya1vadzya1 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2019 in Dodge
i have a 2010 dodge caliber auto transmission. with 51k miles it make whining sound when accelerating and letting go off the the gas pedal at 3-4k rpm i have taken the drive belt off to see if it was the belt or tensioner or alternator that was making the noise. i drove the car without drive belt and it still makes the same noise.. please help


  • PizzaDeliveryGirl87PizzaDeliveryGirl87 Sapulpa, OKMember Posts: 1
    So I bought this car in February for 2500. I too have the whine upon accelerating. I have put a lot of money into educated guesses and still have the noise. Hilariously enough, it actually caused our break-up. He hated working on the car and pretty much was a jerk and threw tantrums when he was fixing it. Throwing tools and parts....Anyways, I have tried replacing the alternator decoupler pulley, the power steering pump, all four tires, the arm thingy that the wheel bearing sits into, the wheel bearings, and I'm religious with maintenance and using only the most expensive oil you can buy at Walmart. lol. Tomorrow, I'm getting the transmission flushed. I'll post the results. Not for you, original poster. Shoot, you've probably gotten a new vehicle. But for those many poor souls, like myself.
  • rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    Have you tried checking your AC compressor?
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