Recall question, what if there is a recall on some 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis steering, but not all

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When I gave them the vin number they said no recalls open, but the Steering has a definite problem, is there any recourse to have it included in the recall. Vin # 2MEFM74W54X633881 Thank You! Artworks4me


  • artworks4meartworks4me Member Posts: 2
    It has 131,000 miles on it., the A/C has a relay problem as well.
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    You can complain to the NHTSB and ask that the recall be widened. I wouldn't count of fast action though.

    Meanwhile, try some of the suggestions in this The Secret Warranty article. Emphasize that there's been a recall for (I assume) a similar issue and that it's a real safety issue. Maybe the dealer or Ford will cut you some slack on parts or labor.

    And I'd go ahead and get it fixed ASAP in any event since it really does sound like a safety issue. Save your receipt in case the recall does get expanded so you can file a claim for reimbursement.

    I think you're out of luck with the A/C since you're long out of warranty.
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