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Vibrations felt at speed of 60mph

vimalshuvimalshu Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have recently bought a used 2000 Camry with 45000 miles on it. I feel some sort of vibrations in Steering wheel (and also in the car) when the speed reaches 60 miles per hour. I have got the wheel alignment and wheel balance checked (twice). The vibration has gone down but not completely eliminated.

Any suggestions on what could be wrong.... Thx.


  • if your car pulls to left or right, alignment will help.
    Vibration at high speed mostly need tire balance, but if that doesnt' sovle the problem, maybe your tire is seriously out of round, i would try a new tires.
    but bad struct, spring and bad alignment will indeed cause tire out of balance at the first place.
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    A warped brake rotor will feel much like an out of balance tire if severe. Does the vibration increase when you apply the brakes lightly at this speed?
    Same with a bend [out of spec wheel] doesn't have to be noticeably bent just 15 grams out.
  • Buy new tires. That will do it.
  • I have a1997 LE with 89K miles on it.
    Had the virbration problem few months back. It went away after changing the front srtuts and replacing the tires. the tires were damaged (out of round) b/c the struts went bad.

    Not really happy with Camry. I have more problems with Toyota Camry than with my Civic which has 167K miles on it.
  • Although an out of round tire is one possibility, you need to actually locate the problem before throwing parts at it. If you have your tire store mount the wheel on their balancer then rotate is slowly and observe. You'll be able to see any run out and be able to determine whether the tire or the wheel is causing it. Remember, the tire can only turn as straight as the wheel it is mounted on.
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