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Headlights installation

stefanrossstefanross Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Dodge
I owned a Dodge Dart 2015 a month ago. My car’s Headlights got damage, but the body of the car is fine, thank god the accident did not on leave scratches on it.
Now I want to ask that how can I replace my car’s headlights myself or should I call technical people like auto glass repair who recently replaced my old car’s windshield which was cracked (got rock chip). They replaced it under insurance claim.

Now should I go for the insurance claim or install it myself, if is there is any easy way to install it then please let me know.

Please advice


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,664
    The front facia (bumper cover) has to be completely removed for access and clearance to remove the headlight assemblies. The majority of the fasteners are push pins, and while there are a bunch of them, they make removal and installation a lot easier.

    One of the tricks about push pins is to hit them with a light shot of penetrating oil and then use the pliers specifically designed for them and they can usually be removed without damaging them which then allows them to be re-used. Any that get damaged should be replaced.
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