2002 Buick Lesabre. Mechanics are confused.

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2002 Buick Lesabre with 133,000 miles.
My car was running fine until I started to notice a hard shift when I shifted into drive. It would only shift hard when I went into drive (not reverse). About 2 days after this started, I tried to start my car after work. It would turn over, but the engine wouldn't fire up. Eventually it started to intermittently turn over, or not even attempt to start.
I had it towed to an Express Tire. They replaced the fuel pump, fuel relay, and the fuel filter. When I came to pick it up, I couldn't start it (not even turning over). The mechanic said that he had gotten it running a few times. Then, they tried using a new key from the dealer (something about a chip in the key) and they replaced the ignition switch. No change.
They had it sent to another mechanic to have it looked at. They are now in the process of diagnosing it, and said that they thought the alarm system was resetting every time I turned the key. I'm thinking it may be the crankshaft sensor. I know the fuel sensor stops working correctly after a half tank. Any suggestions would be amazing. I know nothing about cars.
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