2007 Sebring 4dr Sedan

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I've got AC and heat, it blows fine. The vent dialer (switches air from feet to front dash to defroster) does move, but only to the defroster only or a mix of defroster and feet . Dial won't turn beyond that to front vents, where you'd normally have it blowing for AC. Any idea what's up or how to fix it?


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    Hello! This model does not have cable control for the actuator doors, instead it is an electronic solenoid. So that rules out a stuck or faulty cable. This would mean that something inside the switch itself is faulty and sticking. The best solution would be to replace the switch. I often find these items in a salvage yard in great shape and priced very reasonable. You don't say if you do your own repair work, but if so, these things are easy as pie to replace. I found a great you tube video on just that if you want to take a look.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJI0YSCixiQ Good luck!
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    goo.gl/bgBVKr Photo of car interior, dash panel with the dials.

    I'll give this a look-see. We've had this car a year before this occured. Everything was working just as it should and I got in after hubby one day and . . . even though I dialed the vent dial over to full frontal vent, all the air was coming out of the defroster. Kept playing around with it and never got it how it should. Called hubs and he said he'd put it on defroster that morning for the dew on the windshield and later on he tried to dial it over to push the air through the front vents and it was a no-go situation. Never been rectified and it's been 2 months of ugh in this summer. There IS a/c, but it's having to come through the defroster. So, I'll get down to it and check this out. Maybe it's come loose. Hopefully that's all it is! Thanks so much. I'll let you know how it turns out!
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