Need fixed? Lock cylinder in drivers side door handle

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Someone tried to break into our car and pushed the lock cylinder into the door handle. We usually only use the remotes, so we were wondering if it's necessary to have this fixed. If so, would we go to any mechanic, a locksmith, or would we need to go to Honda? 


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    Hello! Welcome to Edmunds. First; is it necessary? Well, there are several things to consider, if the cylinder is pushed into the door handle, would that make the next break-in attempt easier? And is the seal around the lock cylinder compromised to let water in when it rains hard, rusting other moving parts inside the door? If this is a family car, you probably want to keep it looking nice and retain as much re-sale value as you can. But in the end, only you can determine if it is really necessary. Where to go? Any reputable auto shop or body shop can replace the cylinder, my concern would be to have it keyed to match my other locks. Check the Honda dealer and the local lock smith to see who is least expensive for this service. And finally, I would check with my auto insurance: since this was an attempted break-in, the repair might be covered at little or no cost to you. Good luck with this and have a great day!
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    Thank you so much! Sadly, insurance said we don't have the coverage for that. It's an older car, so we went with minimal insurance. 
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