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Overheating engine when sitting idle

automan669automan669 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Chevrolet
I have my 2002 Tahoe, the engine keeps overheating when sitting still and the A/C wont cool. I have had the radiator replaced, all the hoses, thermostat, fan and clutch, all new A/C unit with hoses and it still overheats when sitting. It is not a head gasket either, that is ok. When sitting it idles at 500 RPM.

I was told that the newer units have electric fans. Someone told me that there is an after market electric fan with thermostat that can be purchased and remove the clutch fan and reinstall the electric fan and that will solve the problem.

And I was told to have these custom vents installed on the hood but I was also told when it rains I will ruin all the electric components under the hood.

Oh, and I had to buy a new under hood computer for my unit also.

An ideas folks, Please I need help.
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