2005 Jaguar X-Type Sport Wagon



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    An article about the Jaguaru X-Type Sport Wagon.
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    Very few people are interested in the new X-Type Sportwagon.
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    I have a 1 year old X type 3.0. The overall build and engineering on the car is something to behold; but I've had a lot of interior trim pieces and bits warp, crack or fall off. Never had problems with either of my previous Mitsu 3000GT's. Jaguar claims to be on the right track with quality improvements, but these days, your car has to be perfect right from the start.

    Hopefully, they'll get it right with the wagon.
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    Jaguar has been known to have quality problems with X-Types.
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    I see that the last post was Feb. 05.
    I also just read that Jaguar came in 2nd in the most recent J.D. Power three month ownership survey. I'm considering buying the wagon, but am concerned about reliability. All of you out there - please advise.
    Thank you!!
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    I've put 27K on an 03 X-Type 2.5 Sedan. Have had no reliability problems to date. The car's built like a tank, and, I really like its foul weather capability. Best car for long trips that I've ever owned.

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    for some reason CR keeps giving it bad reviews. It seems like a decent car, although two years ago it was slightly overpriced...
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    I was considering buying Jag X type Wagon. The seats are the most uncomfortabe that I have ever tried. Has anyone else noticed the same? Is there adjustment on the seat to move the bottom side bolsters outward?
    I am not a big guy and am surprised/disappointed by the seats.
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    Seems like this car isn't popular.

    I still haven't seen one on the road yet, and its been out for almost a year now I think.
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    Can anyone tell me if the 2004-2006 Jaguar X-type comes with xenon lights without getting the sport package. On jaguarcars.com it only lists the xenons on sports packages.
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    I have owned German cars all my life. Porches, BMWs, etc.. My last car was a 2000 BMW 328i fully loaded Estate. I enjoyed every mile on it. Then as I normally do after a while the car bug starts to tickle me... Surfing on the web I went from site to site, not even thinking of Jaguar. After all one of my jokes about Jags WAS one would need a cousin who has a garage due to reliability problems. BUT a year ago I visited my friend in Canada, he has been leasing the XJ series for years. We drove it to the USA 30 hrs, and we switched. I liked it.
    Ok there I was surfing the web and I fell on the local dealer web site. There it was, British Racing Green, 17 inch wheels, champagne leather, and diesel. I wanted diesel as price of petrol has been and will certainly keep on climbing, in Europe. There I was looking at economical luxury.
    Off to the dealer, test drove it. :)
    First impressions were very positive, although it took me a while to get used to the driver's seat. The BMW offered more semi angles, whatever, that I had put into the memory of the seat. Looking around the car I noticed it was more luxurious than the BMW. Yes the BMW was loaded but it was that German strict luxury that had appealed to me all these yera. But this basic Jag was loaded, the wood, the leather, the sound system, the great 17 inch wheels, parking assistance.
    Any case there I was in this heavy feeling car, changed gears (my BMW was a Tiptronic), got used to it a bit and pushed it expecting to have a slow climb in speed, oh no, it had that wow thrust. What? A silly 2.0 DIESEL engine can do that? Yes it did. I have since learned about its turbo and booster, smart engineering by Ford-Jag.
    Went home, surfed the web focusing on Jag and trying to dig out the worst evaluations, found a few but certainly found more on the positive side. But there was always this reliability issue, which seemed to have subsided by 2004. Ok I was convinced.
    Went back to the dealer and drove it again, still not at ease in the driver’s seat. I pushed it, it reacted. I took it on side roads outside Geneva and pushed it. It was loose compared to the BMW. However much more comfortable. Next step, I was torn, my reliable and fast BMW vs. the baby Jag. Not easy. Then it dawned on my I was comparing the two cars, i.e. they were pretty equal.
    I called the dealer next day (did not have to check with my wife, she was traveling, yes I know when the cat is away...) , told him he had a deal.
    Took delivery, drove from the dealer, drove it to my home in Geneva, about 50 miles, what a ride. Once in Geneva I had the warning faulty engine light ON. Thank you Jaguar. Damn Jaguar.
    Called the dealer, they were very busy, they took it in a day later, they found the problem in less than 20 seconds, a wire out of its plug. Fantastic, the night before I had nightmares about how lousy my decision was. Now I was reassured, 1. the problem was negligible (yellow light) and 2. they found it. Nothing worse that several visits to the dealer for the same problem. Bravo Jag dealer.
    I have lived happily ever since. I am in love. Do not miss my BMW at all.
    There are a few quirks to fix, the steering makes a noise when pushed to the max on one end or the other, one of rear seat head rests is blocked. The dealer told me he will fix it next time I pass by for the service.
    Eat your hearts out all you anti X-Types out there, picking on its Ford Mondeo origins, so what. Besides only 18% is Mondeo, and the even that was adapted and reengineered for the X-Type. Yes I know some parts are not up to the standard, e.g. console, so? You want to see the dry console of my more expensive BMW? Then there were some who had problems with the rear door latch, so? I had the same problem with my BMW. Some complained about the X-Type not having an automatic transmission, ca va pas? It has a small 2.0 diesel engine, what better than gears to get the max out of it. I am sure the same people would have criticized the higher consumption of the car had it been fitted with an automatic transmission.
    Yes Jag is not 100% British, we all know that. Kudos to Ford for having done a better job with Jag than the original owners. Stop criticizing the car.
    Show me a car without early years’ quirks. Good for Jag to have gotten rid of most of them.
    I love this car and we decided to grow older together. :)
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    Agree, specially for the earlier models. My Estate is a 2005 and it seems they have fixed most of the problems, including the interior glitches.
  • elsaidstelsaidst Member Posts: 6
    It took me a while to get used to the driver's seat.. Once you do its clear sailing.. I payed around, up , down etc.. till I found my 'seat'.. :)
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    Based on nwhat I read, it looks Jag may be actually letting go of the model and comming out with a cheaper crossover..
    Hey makes our X-Types even more rare..
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    I believe they do not come with these lights on the Classic model.
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    Although European X-Type Estate-Wagon sales seems to be disapointing for Jag, those who own them are fanatics defending their baby Jags. I find the diesel (very popular in Europe due to high fuel prices) are as good as if not better than rivals such as the BMW 3 series, VW Wagon, Merc. 220, Audi A4.. Jag is on top of it, now its up to the consumers.
    Problem I think is the Jag image, old and rich.. marketing should change that.. good luck to them.. :)
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    A reporter would like to talk with current and former Jaguar owners. Please respond to [email protected] no later than Friday, May 26, 2006 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your ownership experience.

    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
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    A reporter is hoping to talk with current and former Jaguar XK owners. If you have owned an XK and if you're willing to talk about it with a newspaper reporter, please respond to [email protected] no later than Tuesday, June 6, 2006 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.

    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
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    Just looking for some opinions on this vehicle from current owners.

    My wife and I took delivery of our 2006 Land Rover LR3 HSE this year, and are keeping an eye on our 9 y.o. other car, a Dodge Avenger ES. It's been a very reliable car, but it is starting to show it's age, with things breaking down, and getting worn.

    While we were in the dealership ordering out LR3, we saw a Jag sportwagon sitting waiting for someone to take delivery of it.

    We didn't get a chance to play with it, as it had just been detailed, and was waiting for the new owner to show up, but what we did see of it made us want to look more.

    Unfortunately, these things seem to be very rare - the dealer didn't have any other samples, and I haven't ever seen one on the road or even in a parking lot.

    I was at a recent customer event for my LR/Jag/Bentley/Aston/Rolls dealer, and other Jag owners were surprised to learn that there was even such thing as a Jag wagon - and they had been to the dealership many times over the years...

    My question is how are they? Can I just take an X-Type 3.0 for a spin, and expect much of the same from the wagon?

    Do you make enough use out of the wagon part that I should really consider the X-Type Sport? (I already have the hulking Landy)...


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    I don't own one but I guess it wouldn't hurt to test drive both the sportwagon and the sedan version- afterall it isn't like they are selling fast.

    I would probably choose the model that has the bigger rebates- I remember checking recently that Jaguar had somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000 Dealer "Marketing Support" on the X Type 3.0 Sedan, which if you bargain hard, you can get it almost entirely passed on to you.

    I didn't check the rebates on the Sportwagon.
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    I've owned 2 X -types. My first was an 03 2.5 automatic. I swapped it in May for an 06 3.0 Automatic. The wagon should handle about the same as the sedan. It's slightly slower to 60 - the sedan takes 7.1 seconds, the wagon about 7.8 according to Jag's website. The 3 liter engines are excellent - rated a 229HP, they've got a nice fat torque curve all the way to redline. My 3.0 gets 20 MPG in the city and 24 on the interstate running 75 - running 93 octane gas. Build quality was good on my 03, and, even better on the 06. The cars are very rigid and heavy for their size. The AWD system works great in rain and snow - best foul weather car I've ever driven. You should be able to score all the marketing support money if you negotiate hard. Contact multiple dealers and get prices if necessary to get your local guy to sharpen his pencil. The X-Types do depreciate pretty badly, so get the best deal you can to offset this.

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    Just to make everyone feel better about the Sportwagon, back in August, I was driving into Ottawa from the cottage when, to my surprise, I met a Jag Sportwagon travelling North into Quebec -- with a canoe on its roof! No, the roof had not caved in, nor had the body reposed on its axles.So, maybe there's hope for a little-marketed vehicle. Too bad Jag doesn't provide a 5 year, 100,000 mile full warranty on present models. I think that sales would jump significantly. This would lay to rest the quality issues, (or, bankrupt the Company).
  • oldcemoldcem Member Posts: 309
    As part of the deal I made on my 06 sedan, I got a 7 year-100K factory warranty. There are no significant quality issues after the 2002 model year that I'm aware of.

  • dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    It's really hard to negotiate anything up here - the incentives that our cousins in the US seem to get so often, never seem to make it up here.

    It's partially the market to blame. Canada taxes imports on vehicles higher than in the US, so the markets for upscale vehicles are much leaner.

    I know a guy who bought a 2006 Bentley Silver Spur up here, but was seriously balking at the 80k$ markup from buying the same thing in the US. He got offers to pick one up in Florida (he winters there), but was told by Bentley Canada that they wouldn't service it in Canada if he imported it.

    He wound up buying it in Canada, but really wasn't happy about it.

    Anyways, long story-short - it's doubtful if I can get any sort of rebates or marketing incentives, so I'll just see if I can't persude them to abandon their "no haggle" policy on their vehicle prices.

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    Good Afternoon All,
    I am looking for some feedback with regards to purchasing Jaguar's extended warranty. My 03 X-Type sport has 23,000 miles and my warranty is due to expire in April 07 . Can anyone give me information relative to your purchase price and the type of warranty you purchased.
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    Great Scot! Has no one bought a Sportwagon, or had
    something good or bad to say about them since Oct. 21, 2006?
    Sad ending to a rather nice vehicle.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    Apparently not.

    I decided to take a wait and see attitude with the Canadian dollar becoming stronger, but the prices on used Sportwagons doesn't seem to be in the realm of reality.

    The dealers are trying to get the residual values from the lease contracts' buy-out price... but with the Canadian dollar so strong, it's de-valued the price of these used cars badly. Nobody is buying out their leases up here, cause you can get into a new car for just a few points above what they are asking for your old car!

    My dealership is asking CAD$29,900 for a used 2005 X-type Sportwagon with 20k miles, when it should probably be in the range of $21,890 (according to Edmunds used car current value tool) A new one is 36k! Who would pay 29,900 for a 2005??

    If my dealer can drop his price to something near the reality price, I'll be picking it up, otherwise - no way. I'll be out looking for an Audi A4 Avant.

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    I picked up a used one in Sept '06. It was an '05 that had only 7,100 mi. I absolutely love the car. We had an '03 sedan prior. The wagon in addition to offering more cargo space, has much cleaner lines in my opinion. The AWD system is great in the snow. I would strongly advise purchasing one that has the Jaguar Selection Edition warranty. It has been great to have, as I have had to use it for the tranny and the external temp sensory. Both were covered under the warranty. Nothing out of pocket. Absolutely great. 6 years/100,000 miles on the select edition. I only wish the car had a bit mor room in the second row.

    I've only seen 3 of these on the road during the 1 1/2 years I've owned the car. Quite rare. And rarer now that the X is extinct in the US.....
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    9 months ago, I saw a canoe-carrying Sportwagon driving North into Quebec Province. Last night, I saw a Jag Sportwagon driving south --- no canoe.
    Significance? Jag has sold a least 1, if not 2 Sportwagons in Canada.
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    I know this is very old, but what a great post. There's one just about this one's age on eBay for very cheap, I, too have heard the legendary mechanical problems of British cars in general, and can relate to the reticence toward something you just want to love "if only". If you're still around two years later do you still enjoy the car?
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    You really have to wonder what, if anything, goes through Jaguar Management's mind. The X es are basically great little cars, if only Jaguar would address the weaknesses. Ex: The transfer case is too weak to accept a supercharged engine; yet, everywhere, small cars are coming out with them. Wouldn't you think that Jaguar, after 5 or more years could have addressed this issue?? Obviously, management doesn't care, and never has. That's why Jaguar goes from pillar to post, and is likely on its last legs. The new model has made scarcely a ripple, and is seldom seen. Jaguar has become irrelevant to the marketplace. Both the S and the X should have been stars in the marketplace, but quality issues that would make Trabant blush were allowed to go unchecked. Most of the quality issues are just plain stupid. Even Kia does better.
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    Since no one is using this forum, allow me to "sound off". Given the history of Jaguar as a manufacturer of "sporting" sedans since the 1950's, at a time when there was little or no competition, to the point to-day, when the market is saturated with high performance sedans and coupes, most of which are superior in one way or another to the small range that Jaguar produces, one must wonder what is the point of Jaguar's continued manufacture? The company's ownership has gone from pillar to post, with little to cheer about. ( how many of the new Jags. have you seen?). I think that it's time to say goodbye to Jaguar and celebrate its storied past. Had the "S" and the "X Type" not been poorly built junk in their first 2-3 years, the story might have been different; but, they weren't, and the results are what you see. To-day's market has no tolerence for crap. If it did, GM, Chrysler and Ford wouldn't be in the mess they're in, much less Jag.
    There. I've said it. Any comments? (Don't shoot the messenger.).
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    Have to disagree with you my friend. I've owned 2 X Types, an 03 and an 06. Both were excellent cars. There's only one dealer in my state, and, he seems to be selling XFs as fast as they come in. Given Jaguar's non-existant marketing efforts, and, the fact that the engine was never increased in HP in the X to keep up with the flagship models of the competiton, it still remains their highest sales volume model for its production run. You say that the marketplace now has no tolerance for crap, yet, the consumers still buy Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes that certainly aren't any more reliable than the Jags are. I hope that the new owner does a good job with them, because I like their approach to building a "Grand Touring" car. I just traded my X Type for my third Jag, a certified 06 S-Type 4.2 VDP. This 'Luxo-barge" has all the amenities, runs and handles like a muscle car, and is built like a brick outhouse. I've driven most of the competition, and, I still like the Jags better.

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    I have a 2005 Sportwagon and absolutely love it. I've had it for two years, love the look and interior as well as the handling. Good acceleration on the highway and lots of interior cargo space. Only negatives--electrical disconnects sometimes when starting--i.e. the radio--but works again when car is restarted. Backseat small for large men. Other than that, a great car.
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