Won't start. Electrical fault under dash.

Paul_JPaul_J Member Posts: 3
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Last week, I parked my 99 Ranger for about 20 minutes. When I came back and turned the key, there was a loud pop under the dash/steering column. When the key is off now, there is either a buzzing or a ticking under there. If I wiggle the wiring harness, the noise will stop, but it will only start now about twice out of every 25 or 30 attempts. HELP?


  • Paul_JPaul_J Member Posts: 3
    More messing about. Discovered that in key off position OR key removed, if the door is open the bell chimes - stops -chimes until I close the door. All fuses & relays check good.
  • Paul_JPaul_J Member Posts: 3
    Unplugged door alarm switch, replaced ignition switch, made sure battery was fully charged. Nothing...zip...nada. Also, with key in the backwards accessory position, I get serious power noise in all of the speakers. Still, not so much as a click when I turn the key on.
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