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I understand that beginning in 2015 model year Honda Roadside Assistance is included in the 3yr/36000 miles warranty period. Did any one has a chance to use the service? How was the response time? How do you feel about the service?




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    Two days ago I got flat tire, and I called Honda Roadside Assistance. The guy on the phone told me they would sent someone in about 40 min. I gave my cellphone number in case they wanted to contact. I waited about an hour, nobody showed up. I called them again. The guy (different guy) said they made a mistake contacting the service people, so they would send another service in about one hour. It was 11pm at night, that means there would be no service until midnight, Finally I decided to call CAA. The service guy arrived in 25 min.

    They could have called me back if the first service was a mistake. Apparently they didn't follow up. The CAA called me back 5 min earlier to confirm the service people would be on site within 5 min.

    I never received any apology from Honda Roadside Assistance. I asked them what number to complain. They said it's the same number, and all they do is to log my complain.

    It was my first call to Honda Roadside assistance.

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    That's why I have towing coverage on my insurance. I do my own calling and I've gotten a tow in as fast as ten minutes. You're in control, no third party screwing stuff up, and reimbursement has been easy. And the towing coverage is cheap.
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    This service is absolutely awful. I spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to get someone to come to my workplace at 3 pm just for a jump start. Was transferred to 3 different people trying to get rid of me. The last person did not speak well and there was too much background noise to hear her. I kept having to ask her if someone was on the way to assist and must have asked 30 times before I got a straight answer. She also could not understand that sending me a text for me to reply would not help because my phone kept loading due to poor wifi reception in area. I must have told her that 12 times before she understood. She was confused the entire time.
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