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I am wondering if the almost $400 dollars for the
265 white letter tires are worth the money. You
even have to purchase at least the HD $ 100 dollar
option to get the larger tires? Would it be better
to get the stock configuration of 245's and buy
good tires like the Michelin LTX's and maybe some
Edlebrock shocks after you get your truck? Also I
am wondering if you can get the two postition firm
ride push button suspension with the 4 wheel drive.
I drive mostly on the highway to work and tow the
ski boat on the weekends, a smooth ride is
preferable so I do not want to spend the extra
money on the Z71 etc..




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    I have both the 265 tires and the Z71. I have a 2000 Sierra SLE Ext Cab SWB 5.3 4x4 with Auto Trac. I test drove the firm ride and Z71 suspensions. I wanted the towing package so I didn't even look at the regular suspension. I couldn't tell the difference between the two setups. I bought the Z71 and it has the larger tires. The dealer would have changed the wheels and tires out for the 245s with another truck on the lot but I didn't want chrome wheels after reading about all the problems. The Z71, PF4 Wheels and 265 tires added $1000.00 Canadian to the MSRP. From what I have read this is the best combination for avoiding the vibration problems. My truck is smooth as can be on the highway. The one option I do recommend is the locking dif. I test drove both trucks on a rainy night. The truck with the firm ride suspension didn't have the locker. It would break one of the rear tires lose every time I would take off from a light or going around corners. The one I bought would start to spin and then the rear end would lock and the truck would just go. Some people say with Auto Trac you don't need the locker I say buy it you will be glad you did. As for the engines I didn't want the 5.3L but this was the only pewter truck on the lot out of ten or twelve 2000s and the dealer didn't want to have to go to get one from another dealer. I squeezed him down to $350.00 for the larger engine. I bought mine from the sales manager so it was a little easier to deal. As far as the ZX3 suspension I don't think you can get it. Every body that has tried has given up on it. Anyways I hope this helps. Sorry for being so long winded.

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    is not for 4 wheel drive.

    2WD only.

    And i don't think anybody has been able to get it yet?

    - Tim
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    i have a '99 Z-71 with i think there the P265's

    there alright for city driving but they have absolutely no grips for offroads, there ARE city tires and they suck, but i guess i will just have to wait until they are bald before i get some real tired

    also, i read in the owners manual that snow chains dont fit w/ the p265 because they will rub on the fender walls, but seeing that i have a Z-71 i doubt i will need chains, especially in Texas
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    get the On/Off road option for tires.

    Much better tread for real mud and snow....water too.

    - Tim
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    I've ordered a LT SB w/ ZX3. I am wondering if this suspension is a smoother ride than the std. suspension?
    There also seems to be a 'hold' on this option. Has anyone seen this option on any truck at the dealers?
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    suspension at any of the dealers here in Southern California. The dealers I have visited had inventories of 30-50 trucks, almost all extended cabs.
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    I have a '00 4WD Silverado LT (4dr) on order. I wanted the FW1 ride & handling pkg, but was told that it is on hold & GM has not idea when it will be available.

    The FW1 is for the 4WD (must oreder the Z71 to be able to get it), the ZX3 is the 2WD. Both have the same 46mm shocks. The same shocks that are on the Z71 pkg.

    I cancelled my FW1 option, and am going to install Edelbrock IAS shocks when my truck arrives.

    Save your money & replace the factory shocks with good after market ones.
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    I thought about getting Edelbrock shocks - the new kind that can somehow tell if you are cornering hard (and need stiff shocks) or hitting a bump (and want a soft shock) but the only place I could find them wanted $320 carry out. That seemed kind of high to me and I thought I would wait until my shocks have 25K on them or the price comes down. I am very happy with the ride/handling balance of the Z-71 package and I wanted the bigger tires so this was a must.
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    Just took delivery of a 2000 5.3 Silverado Ex. LT 2wd, 3.42 locking rear end after over a year on order waiting on the ZX3 Suspension. I finally gave up and told them to build it with the std firm ride package an trailoring option. I don't believe they have delivered a single truck with the ZX3 option installed. Not sure it's necessary though. With only 85 miles on the truck, I took it on a 1000 mile trip up through the mountains to WV. It was a little firm at first but after a while of getting used to it my wife and I both decided that it was ok. And actually I am pretty impressed with the truck. If interested, gas mileage was 18.3, 19.5, and 21.3 on the first 3 successive fillups, and I was not babying it. Not bad for mountain driving.
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    Don't you sacrfice your warranty when you change the stock shocks? I would like a higher sittin shock but need warranty..

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    You would only loose the factory warranty on the shocks, but the new ones you buy should have their own warranty - most replacement shocks carry a lifetime limited warranty what ever that means.
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    don't do anything for height...
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    If shocks don't raise height at all then why do the Z71's sit higher than the 2wd Silverados?
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    Different rear springs. The springs make the difference.

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    Different rear springs. The springs make the difference.

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    Maybe not just Z71s but all the 4x4s. Big tires raise the ride height too.
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    Well i'm learnin

    Thanks for the replys.
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    I ordered a ZX3 LS1500 2wd 3.73 locking diff, trailer package, 5.3 on Nov 8.

    The dealer now says it is scheduled for build next week, along with one of their older ZX3 orders. Good be good news for those waiting for ZX3.....I'll post when it is more definite.
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