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2013-'15 Dodge Dart Recalled Because Transmission May Unexpectedly Shift to Neutral Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,130
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  • okseriouslyokseriously Member Posts: 8
    Smell that Fiasler quality!
  • genxcubgenxcub Member Posts: 1
    This happened to my dart (I no longer own it, mostly because of my experience with this last year). They told me it would take 4 weeks to replace (and wouldn't cover a rental for that time, even though I had the mopar maintenance contract). They bitched and moaned the whole time. I even had my Automatic (one of those doohickies that plug into your car's computer to tell you the problem) to tell them what the problem was and was met with bad customer service. I had to threaten a lemon law filing to get them to fix it.

    I'm happy to be rid of my 2014 Dodge Dart. Goodbye forever, Fiat.
  • Saenz_EdgarSaenz_Edgar Austin Member Posts: 1
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    Well, Unfortunately, Dodge service department are a bunch of no good mechanics. My Dart is awesome and all became clear when I became my own mechanic and I have kept this car running since. with hardware this no good service departments claimed needed to be replaced. The Dart, by the way, is one of the few cars with a computer interface that even a slob like me can use it to figure out what is needed to get the car running. My 2013 was in fact on the lemonish side but with a great service department this could have gone very well for the company. BUT NO!!!! they had to be greedy

    if you had the Dual Clutch Transmission, the recall was worded all wrong for what it really is. The problem stems from the fact that the analog settings were set on the bench and not while operating the car and out of three modules tested, the best behavior was obtained when the TCM unit was not grounded to the car. I tested the car under hot and very cold temps and surprisingly enough, COLD as in 20 degree weather was a bit of problem but once the transmission and system warmed up, it ran well. This problem, did not throw a code but when the car was put into gear, it just jerked the car every time it grabbed and released the clutch but went no where. Had I not let it warm up, then it would have thrown a code.

    The one issue that a dual clutch transmission in these lines of car has is really bad for its following fans is that after 20000 miles worth of clutch disk wear the TCM is dumb enough to throw an out of tolerance error or a K1 Clutch out of range OBDII code. What makes it worse is that the dealers see this as an opportunity to charge a big ticket item for this condition when in fact the hardware is still very usable and could run for another 20x5 k miles as those clutch disks should. I have developed a 3D printed tool and kit to allow me to get the car running in a matter of 2 hours or less, the printed gadget design cost me about 500 dollars, hardware added. For more information, email me at [email protected] Due to spam, please title your email "Dual Clutch Transmission HELP needed!" I am sharing this with everyone, because I dealt with two dealers in Austin Texas, South Point and Nyle Maxwell and both showed the same greedy and dishonest behaviors, You would not believe it, if I told you in this forum, I will post the entire video showing what they did and how they acted.\

    Anyway, if you bought it new or used, the Dodge line of cars are really cool, specially the Limited.

    Yes, Dodge Quality could be improved but I see this every where now so I am choosing to defeat them at their own game, which I already have but I had to purchase Dealer tools to investigate.

    My wife and I love this Dart and we are keeping it alive and will not sell it as we are always asked to sell it.

  • ValorieWValorieW UtahMember Posts: 1
    Got our car part that was recalled fixed and a week later the whole transmission went out ?
    Any ideas why
  • Tee_eliTee_eli Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue. I have a 2013 Dart who in May of this year my transmission has started acting up. Giving me a warning light to put the e brake to prevent the car from rolling. The dealer has replaced the “bushing cable” recall but that did not fix the issue so now I am stuck with a car that the dealer says needs a whole new transmission will cost $7000!!!! But it’s a “module” inside the transmission that is causing the problem.. now no one can help because I am over my mileage but i bought my car brand new and in the middle of it my car was giving me issues when it would stay stuck at a red light and not move when I pressed the gas I had to to the gear in brake then drive in order to move. No dealer was able to figure out what that issue was. Now years later over my mileage they say it’s the transmission module but I’m not covered!! This is so irritating I will get rid of this car and never get a dodge again. Has anyone had this issue???
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