Traction control, tach, alt charging, a/c all go out together

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2007 Tahoe. While driving, the truck shuddered a little and then the traction control/stability control light came on, the check engine light came on, the tach quit reading (stayed on 0), the alt quit charging (volts dropped to about 12 V on gauge), and A/C comp clutch cut out. All at the same time. When I got to a light I cut it off and waited about 15 sec and turned the truck back on. It had a long cranking period and then started. Same issue. Took off, and 1st to 2nd was harsh shift.

It only left a P0335 Crank Sensor code. No others. It sat for 20 min and then started fine. No check lights, alt charging to 14 V, A/C working fine.

Anyone seen this before?


  • hommel8230hommel8230 New JerseyMember Posts: 4
    In a nutshell your vehicle went into limp mode. My first evaluation would be the state of your battery have it tested also the connections. Yes your vehicle restarted but even slight voltage drops or high resistance are picked
    up by the ECM. You really need to take it to the dealer to have these drive ability issues checked as what your describing are multiple symptoms overlapping not good! Wish I could be of more help but some issues aren't easily resolved on a forum. Ray ASE Master Tech Since 1988
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