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You've heard of "putting lipstick on a pig?" Well, think of the 2016 Honda Accord as an example of putting lipstick on a model. Noteworthy changes to the infotainment system, features list, suspension, vehicle structure and styling for 2016 have improved a midsize family sedan that was already highly desirable and Edmunds "A"-rated. Honda could've stood pat with an excellent product, but at the risk of switching metaphors, raising the bar is never a bad thing.

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  • fr88fr88 Member Posts: 6
    Meh. I'm trying to care. My experience with Hondas is that they are soul-less appliances whose primary virtue is that they can boast perfect toast every time. It's a car only a Consumers Report reader could ever get excited about. But then lots of drivers want a Maytag on wheels. An Accord appears as good as any. Now on to the road test of the Jaguar XF.
  • emajoremajor Member Posts: 332
    Seems everyone loves this gen of Accord. To satisfy curiosity, I test drove a top-trim Accord V6 Touring recently and was rather underwhelmed given all the praise for this car in the media. Perhaps flying down Topanga Canyon would unleash all the Honda magic I hear about, but in more routine driving the car was just completely boring. And I drive a six-year old $20K original MSRP Jetta, so it's not as if an Infiniti G37 or BMW M is my reference point. The Camry XSE V6 I tried the hour before felt like a sharper and interesting instrument than that Accord, which surprised me, and gave up nothing in the powertrain, refinement/quietness, or driving position/ergonomics categories.

    The Accord's interior quality is not outstanding. There are cheap hard plastics everywhere and the glovebox doors on several examples on the lot were misaligned. Glovebox problems aside, it's dead-even with the Camry interior and well shy of the Fusion, 6, and Passat.

    The best Accord is probably the 4-cylinder, especially with a manual. That is a unique proposition in the segment and has a price tag closer to its perceived quality. Perhaps the 2016 improvements noted in the article liven the car up more than the 2015 model I drove. But considering how lavish the praise for the 2015 has been, I wouldn't take the press's word for it.

    I personally think most press reviews of the Accord should have the following short counterpoint:

    "Honda Accord. It's quite good. But not quite this good."
  • schen72schen72 Member Posts: 433
    I quite like this generation of Accord, and the recent MMC changes only make it nicer. I would only consider the Touring trim, as it has all the goodies I would want. I rank reliability and practicality quite high, so this is the type of car I buy. I "look" at the fancy German cars quite a bit, though. But just look.
  • saab_123saab_123 Member Posts: 1
    I actually own a 2014 Accord EXL, and I cannot speak highly enough about it. My wife is mostly driving it, and she gets and average between 37-38 mpg, about 40:60% city highway. That is very good for such a huge car! Everything is perfect after almost two years, but then again we had a 2007 Accord before this that we did not have to change even a light bulb, just tires and break pads every 50,000 miles. That's why we got another one...
    It is very quiet, very good acceleration off the line and after that. Good suspension, very comfortable. Children love it because it's huge, and has big windows, a lot of light. Don't mean to start anything, but I had looked at a Camry before buying it, and the interior was really poor compared to the Accord, maybe the interior of the new Camry is improved.
    What is not to like? A great car, and it seems to get even better. I look forward to replacing the one we have with a new one when time comes. A turbo with 210 hp and 230-240 torque would definitely do it or me.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    I recently traded my '13 Accord for a '16 and found it a solid improvement. Honda has taken the edge off the overly stiff ride, it's a bit more quiet and the steering has been sharpened. Also, considering Honda's excellent resale compared to most other brands, the cost of the upgrade was pretty reasonable.
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