2008 Buick Enclave disaster and no help from GM

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I have been reading post after post about problems with the 2008 Buick Enclave. I am another unhappy customer. I have contacted GM with no help from them, like many others I am told I am the only one with these problems. And don't mention that you have read the internet, they don't want to hear that.

My trucks rack and pinnon is bad, my air bags stopped working (GM told me that AIRBAGS should be replaced every 2 years and they could not help me), right headlight well with short so whole well needs to be replaced, truck shuts suddenly on top of you after it raises, electronics in the vehicle go on and off when the feel like it, and so on...

My dealership says, "if you can't afford the rack and pinnon, you won't be able to afford the AIRBAGS" and they won't even look at them. Everyone who has financed one of these knows they ran about 65,000 after everything is said and done. I had an $800.00 car payment and as a single mother for four children, I have to save to fix these problems and I am forced to drive me vehicle. I had a Ford that I was hit head on in and almost lost my life for NO AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT. I had a little PTSD after the accident and bought this vehicle because I needed and SUV but was frightened over the size of the most common SUVs and the BUICK ENCLAVE was beautiful and smaller than the average SUV, so I bought it. NOW, steering wheel locking with every turn and NO AIRBAGS. I too fear for the lives of myself and my children every time I start it.

My dealership tells me too that even if I get these things fixed they are likely to fail again within a short time. I am at a lose. In the end I could probably work out getting the rack and pinnon fixed but what am I to do about the airbags. And is it worth getting it fixed for it to fail again over and over for the life of the vehicle. Then, do I give it up and give this mess to another.

This is my second BUICK vehicle and from this experience I feel that American made means nothing. This is my first vehicle I had bought and paid for with intentions to keep, but it truly is a DEATH TRAP. I wish GM cared more for their customers safety.


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    You don't have to go to a dealer to have these problems addressed. There are many independent technicians who can handle airbag system and the power steering system repairs.

    There is no perfect vehicle that will never need repairs, they all break once in a while. The question really comes down to whether you have someone available to you can solve these issues efficiently or not. Since it seems that no-one has looked at the airbag system, you can't tell us so we don't even know what code(s) is(are) setting. Lots of airbag system issues are very easy repairs and quite often can just be a wiring connector issue at a given component. Something like that can still allow some (most) of the airbag system modules to deploy should an accident occur.

    Air bags do not need to be replaced at some given service interval and are expected to be lifetime components. There is no reason to expect another failure after this is repaired.

    Your description of the headlight issue needs more information. Exactly what is (is not) happening when you try to turn on the headlights.

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