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Car drives normal, but then randomly kicks & then shuts off.

777jesse777jesse Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Chevrolet
My Car at any random moment, could kick like its not getting gas, than could continue to drive or it could just totally shut off....If I'm lucky it, I put it in neutral and it start right back. If I'm unlucky It will shut off & it takes HOURS before it will start back! I took it to dealership and they said they cant find nothing wrong with it. So I talked to a lot of people, they say its Elect. problem is the wires causing this? Now I've learned it rarely kicks going over 60 MPH. & it has never shutoff while going that fast. But I cant always go that fast to avoid the shutoff. Anyone know why? I'm about to get fired from my job....because of this issue.


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,767
    Nobody is going to know why your car is shutting down without catching it happening and troubleshooting the system when it does happen. The tough part of that is that all of the testing has to be completed during the time that the failure is present. Once the car starts back up there will be nothing to find until the next failure event. As far as what it "could be" it could easily be a power supply issue, such as a failing ignition switch or corrosion in a portion of the wiring harness or fuse block assembly. It could be a loss of an input to the computer such as a crank sensor input (although in this that isn't likely since you didn't mention that there any codes setting. Or it could be the computer itself simply stops commanding a given output.

    Someone is going to have to take a disciplined, patient approach and prove what you are losing, (spark, fuel, both?) in order to drill down and prove why.

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    gjweinert1gjweinert1 Member Posts: 2
    My HHR 2006 did this more than once. CHEVY TSB said to use dielectric paste on every connection to ECM, BCM and all the other MMMMs.  LITHIA MOTORS in REDDING, CA Spent 4 chargeable hrs and extra time - most of a day.  The worst part is the TSB did not say it would fix the problem.  Fortunately it did from 2010 to 2015.  Scary as hell when everything shuts down while driving on the Freeway.  
    Now having problems cited with static on Radio even when turned off.  I will try the fuse suggestions.   BTW, Even with TSB Chevy would not acknowledge that there was a problem! 
    Would not refund the money because Dealer didn't use a part to fix it.  Unhappy owner! 

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    hhrterriblehhrterrible Member Posts: 2
    The HHR is an awful car, I bought a 2006 this year from a private sale and can see why previous owner only had it a short time.

    I have had this car for less than four months and it does everything people previously said, driving along, shut off DEAD, unreal, scarey, so unsafe.

    Could drive fine than all of a sudden starts jerking, pulling, dash board goes crazy, says low fuel even with a tank full of gas!!! Says power steering!!!

    Call gm no help at all, all they say is getting a diagnosis test, at one of their dealerships for $80 bucks, useless.

    In face the rep wouldn't stop calling me to see if I did make apt which did not as already had private one and does not read nothing, waste of money

    I wish I never bought this LEMON product, complete JUNK this car, usually buy Honda never owned a this brand before will never buy from this company again. Horrible car, read all reviews on line you will get it!!!!
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