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2011 Equinox 2.4L. Engine stay idling RPM with gas pressed, car not moving at all

hchen5965hchen5965 Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Chevrolet
Hi there:
We have 2011 Chevy Equinox 2.4L engine since new, 38k miles so far. For the past 3 weeks, the Check engine light has been on and off by itself for a few times. Last weekend, after I filled up the gas, driving out of gas station, right at stop sign, after traffic cleared, I released the brake and pushed the gas, I don't recall I heard the noise of RPM going up, but the car not moving at all, push the gas a couple of times, still no response. I shut off engine and restart it, car drives like usual. After parked in the shopping center, the Check engine light showed up. The Check Engine light dismissed on Monday while my wife drove the car. Today, similar incidents happened twice, my wife stopped the car at "Stop sign", then car failed to move, the engine didn't stall since no lights at instrument panel were on, looks like pushing the gas pedal didn't ramp up the Engine RPM at all, need to restart the engine to drive it again.
I called the dealer to schedule the diagnose. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks for help.


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