Fuel Line Replacements

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I recently bought an 03 4.3V-6 4WD Crew cab with 96,000 +/- miles. First took 3 tries starting until stayed running. Fix: new fuel pump. Not enough for injection system pressure. Next Brakes. Fix: All new lines and complete rear backing plate to wheel replacement. Service Engine Light comes on and then goes off a day to two later. Stays off for a week and then comes on again. Seems fuel line corrosion has eaten into the line. Truck was first in Vermont area, then Oklahoma and now Texas. Corrosion really bad and has effected brake and fuel lines. PRESENT PROBLEM: Can't find replacement fuel lines to get rid the truck of the gas smell. GMC dealer can't help. Local shop cannot help. Replacement OEM fuel lines seem not to exist any where. Any body solved this source problem ???? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Great truck since I started driving it in late June 2015.


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    Change the fuel lines to the current standard nylon lines. There are connectors designed to match up to the serviceable components at the ends of the lines and at the filter and then the nylon runs the distance in-between.
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