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Neon stalling problem, please help?

dannygreenedannygreene Member Posts: 3
edited September 2015 in Plymouth
I have a 95 plymouth neon. I bought it almost a year ago with my girlfriend. Everything seemed great but now the car is a complete nightmare.
In the morning before work the car seems to work fine, but later on, after work(around noon-2) it doesn't want to stay on and dies out.
It's stalling, horribly, and randomly. Htting a bump in the road causes the car to jerk while accelerating(just driving it in general does this but hitting bumps make it worse). And if we slow down to a stop, it stalls out immediately and it's a hastle to start back up because it seems to lack the power or fuel even though I have over half a tank.
The previous owner replaced the fuel pump some time before we bought the car(we have the receipt) and we've had a new alternator put in.
No matter what shop I go to, I get no codes when hooked up to a scanner, everything comes back fine. The only codes I've ever gotten were for the IA temperature sensor and the alternator and both have been replaced. I put new spark plugs in yesterday, as well but the problem is still happening.
I could really use some help on this one. I don't want to keep coming out of my pocket to buy random things that "might" be the problem for my very old but loveaable car.
I get a lot of "oh your fuel lines, or fuel filter might be dirty" and today a guy told me it could be my coils or my wires may need changing.
I've used some fuel injector cleaner in my gas and all fluids are at good levels. I'd really appreciate some advice from other neon users.


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello! I am not a neon owner or driver. But I have many years of experience repairing vehicles, and would like to make a suggestion. Of course without having the car to actually look it over this is a proverbial stab in the dark. But check your motor mounts, this sounds much like the reaction of a broken mount or a mount with a worn rubber boot. Good luck to you.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,744
    The only approach that is guaranteed to work is a patient, disciplined one. The first order of business will be to prove if you are losing fuel, spark, both, or if in fact the engine is stalling while the commands are still there. Once that is known, then the attention can shift to the input side of the system to ensure that the computer is getting the inputs that it needs in order to generate the outputs.
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