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Ford Focus issues

dksourabhdksourabh Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Ford
Hello folks,

I am new to this forum.

I am a Grad student who bought used 2001 Ford Focus for 2400$. I stay in Rochester, New York.

I obtained the car fax report and got it inspected by my mechanic before buying, everything turned out to be clean except the breaks. My mechanic advised me to change the breaks during inspection.

Car ran really well for 2 weeks. But then it followed by below problem -

1. Valve cover gasket leak, replaced it. (150$)
2. Breaks replaced, which was anticipated (275$).
3. Battery died which wasn't expected, replaced it (100$).
4. Fuel pump damaged, replacing it (450$).
5. Exhaust leak (200$).

All above problems occurred within a month after buying a car. I contacted car's previous owner, he got surprised and said he used the car for 2 years without any problem.

I am devastated and feeling down, I didn't expect to put so much money into maintenance within a month. I am not sure if this car can withstand harsh winters of upstate new york. Being a student I don't think I can spend any more money on this car if really expensive repairs pop up, like transmission change or engine problems. I am now inclined to sell it off in it's current condition.

Experts around here, please let me know your views. Shall I sell it off or wait.

Thank you,
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