Button in trunk does not work to partially raise and lower the folded roof.

tcsnicnactcsnicnac Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Volvo
The yellow button in my trunk does not raise or lower the folded roof a bit, as it used to do. The main roof operates properly when completely raising and lowering from inside the car. I've checked all fuses. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
I also have another unrelated problem. Ever since buying this car second-hand, there has been a pesky one drop of oil per night under the engine. It's in the area of the oil filter housing, but it's not that. There is also an oil-sender switch is in that area which I suspected, so I replaced it. But I still have that aggravating one drop every day. I've spent a lot of time looking for this leak. Anyone else ever had this problem?


  • ecogirl1ecogirl1 Member Posts: 1
    Somehow my antenna got caught in the truck when putting the top up and now the truck won't open. I've tried the door lock, the master key behind the driver seat and no luck. The top won't go up or down and is not fully locked. Any ideas on how to access the trunk to fix this?
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