Battery draining issue

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Anyone experiencing chronic battery draining issues on 2010 Odyssey EXL:

1. Check if all internal lights have been turned off. My kids tend to use the lights and not turn them off.
2. Check if you have left charging anything in power outlets
3. Battery cable: Honda's have a BAD positive battery cable design (Red color). Check the following:
- terminal corrosion: take out the terminals, clean them (I used light sand paper) & put them back. Make sure that
the nuts are tight
- Positive terminal cable is corroded beyond repair - have it replaced at Honda (~$300). Can't buy these outside.
- Make sure that the rust inhibitor has not been over-sprayed on terminal posts or has seeped through the terminal.
This will cause contact issues between battery cable and terminal. Do item #1.
- Have the battery checked - may be a bad battery


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    For 3a above, spray terminals with terminal cleaner. Even though terminals appear tight, oxidation will prevent current from flowing. Battery appears dead or low in charge, but it's actually the oxidation that's causing issues.
    For me this was the main issue, apart from a bad battery. Had the battery and charging system checked before replacing.
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