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Lost deposit or..?

tekdivertekdiver Member Posts: 2
edited September 2015 in BMW
I signed a sales order for a used BMW when visiting dealer. Alas, I hadn't done any homework, but when I asked the sales rep several times if our negotiated price was the best price they could do was assured of course it was. What they did not tell me was the car was advertised online for less than the price they gave me. When I tried to renegotiate this, they refused. Unhappy, I then rescinded the order for the car and sutmitted a credit card dispute. Alas after one month the car company decided to uphold the charge, and after hearing very angry and insulting language from the owner knew there was no way the dealer would relent. Given the non-disclosure of the advertised price, I feel this was shady and decptive practice and I should be refunded the deposit on the sale. A friend of mine advised that I submit a complaint to the PA district attorney's office, and file in small claims. I've already lodged a complaint with BMW customer satisfaction. Any advice, thoughts, suggestions?



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    I guess your friend meant the AG's office? Or whoever handles consumer protection in PA; maybe there's an agency.

    You may want to hit the various review sites and try to embarass the dealer into refunding your deposit that way. (Here's ours).

    Does your sales order say that the deposit is non-refundable?
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