Radio and driver information center not working at all

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i am an older disabled woman that needed a better vehicle to drive because my 2001 toyota corolla was getting more painful to drive and entering and exiting the vehicle was horrible!!!!! my mom ( who is close to 80 years old ) bought a 2005 buick terraza cx for me to drive !! she wiped out her checking account to buy it !! the gent well i was going to say gentleman but he is no gentleman !! the man we bought the van from stated that the radio did not work and he had lowered the price to $4400 for that reason !! we took it for a test drive, looked things over, checked my level of comfort several times, etc., etc. i've been out of the automotive business since 2000 and did not realize that the driver information center came across on the radio screen - my fault, my stupidity !! i just wish he had been honest and not so deceitful about the situation !! i love the van - it is very comfortable and i can adjust the seat whenever i need to !! so far i have not had any shooting pains down the back of my legs coming from my lower back !! i have not driven it for an extended period of time yet so we shall see ?!? entering and exiting the vehicle is so much better than the toyota !! has anyone had radio and or d.i.c. issues with this van ?? it does not come on at all in any way !! thanks, leslie
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