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imageMyth of Red Cars and Higher Car Insurance Debunked in New Survey |

Many car shoppers are under the wrong impression that red cars cost more to insure, according to a new survey by

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    Most car insurance companies only try to scam you. I will say this if you don’t ask them for the discounts THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU. Many of you have probably never asked and assumed you automatically got them. The answer to that is NO.

    If you have been with a auto insurance company for 3 years accident and ticket free you should get a discount but again if you don’t ask you wont get it. If they don’t give it to you, shop around (i found $25/month at Insurance Panda).

    If you are not working and don’t drive you vehicle like normal make sure they know this and when you get your vehicle inspected for you can be exempt for low mileage.

    Bundling does help but not as much as you thin so the answer to this is shop around and make sure you get a letter for homeowners, auto etc… that you are LOCKIN on that deductible. Reason I say this and I wont say which company has raised their homeowners deductible since we have been having so many storms causing extreme damage. If you haven’t been with them and some less than 5 years your deductible was automatically raised and change, and you most likely weren’t notified so they don’t lose you as a client. SO EVERY ONE CHECK ON THAT.
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