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imageMonterey Car Week - Victory Lap - 1989 Yugo GVL Long-Term Road Test

Would our long-term 1989 Yugo GVL make it home from Monterey Car Week? Of course it would. But would we survive the 111-degree heat? That was more questionable.

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  • lmbvettelmbvette Member Posts: 93
    I love reading about this car. Keep posting more stories, I can't get enough.*

    *What is wrong with me?
    Don't worry about what other people think. Drive what makes you happy.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Santa Maria? Did you spring for tri-tips?
  • SadButTrueSadButTrue Member Posts: 48
    stever said:

    Santa Maria? Did you spring for tri-tips?

    That might have been a better idea. We did Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company. I was traumatized from the drive and only vaguely remember it. Pizza was involved.


  • diigiidiigii Member Posts: 156
    This car has shown more performance credentials than your departed oil-sucker monster Mercedes Benz long-termer.
  • reminderreminder Member Posts: 383
    Who would a thunk a Viper would be a yawner compared to this roach-coach.
    You want to hear more about the Yugo waiting patiently until some poor fool gets stranded somewhere.
    It's like watching reality T.V. that's actually interesting.
  • desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    It seems that this Yugo has been more reliable (and trusted) than the old LT Benz AMG, Porsche 911, Ferrari 308.
    Just wait until it boils its blinker fluid...
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