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Lighting Issues Pontiac Vibe

flyingforfun22flyingforfun22 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Pontiac
I have a Pontiac vibe and I have recently installed HIDS in the car as I live far up north and it is dark here fairly often. Now the car is manual and came equipped with a car starter. The switch for the lights is the standard 3 position switch that most Toyotas and Vibes have from that era. The first position turns on your rear and front running lights. I recently disabled the DRL in order to preserve the HIDs during the day. So now the first switch would still turn on the rear lights and front orange lights but the headlights were disabled. Go to the 3rd position and the HIDS come on. I'm sure you guys get the picture. After a couple weeks the switch now does nothing when I try and turn on my rear and front orange lights when it gets darker but don't need my HIDS it wont work. Also my dash lights won't dim as they did for night driving. Now even when I go to turn on my HIDS the rear running lights and front orange ones won't work. Is this a fuse issue? A problem with the switch? I am curious as to why they worked for awhile and now nothing. Is it because I disabled my DRLs for the HIDS? Once I cut the wire to them all the lights still worked as mentioned above. I find it weird. When I start my car the my remote car starter the rear and front orange lights turn on and remain on until I put my key in and take my hand brake off. Any one have any answers?
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