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99.5 Jetta, cannot stop the alarm after changing my battery

jettaz99jettaz99 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Volkswagen
I tried to find a specific answer on this website but everything I tried was a failure.
I have an alarm problem on my VW Jetta 99 after replacing my old dead battery (I didn't use any device to save the codes).
Everytime I plug the battery, there is an alarm sound (not the actual horn but all kind of melodies, such as an ambulance sound).
Also, my sound system's screen doesn't display anything, so I am unable to enter the unlock code.
I can start the engine but I am not able to stop the alarm.
In my fuse box, I have 3 "Key" icons : the 2 first are empty, and the 3rd one is connected to the last fuse with a wire. I received the car like this and everything was working fine till my old battery died.
Help me please :disappointed:

Edit: I forgot to mention that I can lock and unlock the car without any problem when the battery is plugged (while the alarm is ringing)
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