Besides the belt squeak will I have any other issues with my crankshaft pulley wheel

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Ok. I just had alternator replaced. The serpentine belt is in complete alignment and it is in great condition. I knew what is causing the belt squeak. It is internment. Like every 2 seconds. It stops after awhile. It is the lip or others call it the flange on the outside of the crankshaft pulley wheel. The wheel n belt are aligned n NO wheel wobble. The flange is just alittle off towards the inside. The rest of flange or lip is good. Can I use a bar to slide it over?


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    I guess nobody can answer that. I will close the question tomorrow of no response.
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    Belt noise is caused by either misalignment or slippage. What method did you use to verify the alignment? How many miles are on the vehicle, belt, and tensioner? The material used to make serpentine belts has changed over the years. The older ones used to dry out and crack, and eventually start loosing chunks of rubber from the ribs. Current serpentine belts are made from EPDM, and can last over 85000 miles. They loose rubber like a tire and usually don't crack. You must use a wear gauge to check their condition, such as the Dayco aWEARness gauge. It is a blue plastic rectangle with saw teeth on one end and a 1" square hole on the other with a single rib across it. The square hole is used to check for the number of small cracks in 1 inch, and the saw teeth are used to measure rib profile, while the single rib piece on the other end measures rib depth.

    If the flange is bent or has moved on the crankshaft pulley wheel (harmonic balancer), it must be replaced. Do not use a bar to try to slide it over, since whatever you are prying against can be damaged. The most accurate way to verify pulley alignment is with a laser alignment tool. "Eyeballing it" can be very deceptive, and will not show a slight misalignment that can cause belt squeak. A slight tensioner misalignment can also cause a squeak or chirp. The general rule of thumb with the new style serpentine belts is that when the belt needs replacement, so do the idler pulleys and tensioner
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