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Official Mercedes-Benz Vision CLS pictures

camirocamiro Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Mercedes-Benz


  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well my worst fear is happening, Mercedes is loosing it's styling prowess along with BMW. That "concept" has way too much Japanese in it's styling to be a Mercedes. The rear is especially awful.

  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Awful, but not as ugly as a Misubishi Eclipse
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    Both the interior and exterior are very generic and very Japanese like. I agree that the rear is awful and the interior is actually more Lexus like. Also MB is going to kill itself at the lower range with so many models. They build very good high end $100K+ cars but the low and midrange is no longer premium in my opinion.
  • wsag26wsag26 Posts: 124
    When I looked at the 6 Series right here at I almost had a heart attack.... The vehicle looks like a Chrysler... I mean did they get some styling ques from them??
    The 5 Series, I'd say in my opinion is an 'ok' vehicle, but what is happening to BMW?

    Mercedes just released the CLS. Nothing I expected. 'The future styling of MBs', Mercedes said. I'm sure the Germans were surprised and said What in the world are they doing, trying to ruin the auto manufacturers?
    jstyle, I will agree with you because I don't like it anymore. What is happening???? I wouldn't want a BMW to look like a Lexus. I do like Lexus's but that is an embarrasment to compare a quality luxury brand to a German 'handcrafted' vehicle.

    Obviously, it looks like the manufacturers in Germany are running out of ideas, except for VW of course.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Mercedes just needs to do the correct thing and hire Brunno Sacco back. His last Mercedes design was the current S and CL, and it shows. The latest E-Class, while in raw terms is better looking than the old car, but's also prettier, and less distinctive. The SL was styled by a Brit, and while it's gorgeous, some of the details are just not needed, especially on it's sides and hood. Where Mercedes really missed the styling boat is on the Maybach and new CLK. The new CLK doesn't look like anything compared to the previous car. The Maybach looks like a giant Lincoln, at least in pictures and at the last round of autoshows. I hope it looks a little better on the road, when and if I get to see one. Now this.....the CLS. The exterior styling is not attractive enough to be a Mercedes, I can't stand it. There is way too much Japanese in it's design, it's just short of being ugly. The interior is somewhat better, but the Bentley style ruffles in the seats are another non-Mercedes trait, which need to go. I wonder if they'll show this thing in Detroit.

    Why in the world did Mercedes feel the need to take on Jaguar when Jaguar doesn't even compare in worldwide sales and has always been short there was no need for Jaguar to be the stated objective. The Japanese are the competition, not Jaguar as Jaguar has been around forever, and Mercedes will never out-style a Jaguar by veering off in THEIR direction. Memo to Mercedes: Hire Brunno back and stick to the traditional! Hopefully the reaction to the CLS will be lukewarm and Mercedes will back away from producing it. Not likely though as the Germans are stubborn as all outdoors. I hope this is not the styling direction they'll take with the next S-Class.

  • I think that this new CLS looks very nice. I don't agree with anyone who has posted about the design changes the MB and BMW have made. I think that both companies are making their cars sleek and give them a very good (and different) look. I am glad to see car makers starting to get away from the box shape and give cars more curve.
  • I read at Edmunds it is 3" shorter than the E sedan; yet I read in Automobile magazine (Dec issue) that it is "as long and as wide as an S-class".......Which is it? Anyone knows?
    I would agree that the looks may take getting used to it, and it does look Japanese; my greater dislike is the dash.
  • According to the lastest from, the CLS is being prepared for production. I actually like the design. (FYI, current Lexus owner, former Mercedes owner)
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    looks like Hyundai to me.
  • csrbmwcsrbmw Posts: 1
    Reading the message board, I thought it was just BMW owners who are complaining about the evolution of the designs. I presently have a 2003 540i, and while I'm not 100% sold on the new 5 design, it still has a fresh look that I believe MB is lacking, until I saw the CLS. Cutting edge design, and while it's a total departure from the current conservative MB designs, change is not always a bad thing. The CLS will be on my short list when my lease expires.
  • caneaucaneau Posts: 14
    Regardless of its styling, I don't understand why MB needs another vehicle in its lineup. If it is 3 inches shorter than an E-Class, that would put it at 186.7 inches in length, or 8.5 inches longer than a C class. The C and E are currently spaced far enough in price where they don't compete with each other for clientele. By throwing a model in between costing in the neighborhood of $40k for a V-6 and $50k for a V-8, it causes internal competition with the E-Class.
    About the styling, I when I first saw the design, I thought it was an exercise for the next E-Class. That couldn't be right though, the E-Class had just been updated two years ago and was selling pretty well. I find it pretty strange that a car manufacturer is introducing two similarly sized, fairly similarly styled, and comprably priced vehicles back to back. IMHO, I think they should have used is design as the next E-class in 4 years or so. By then, it might not look as radical and a new class wouldn't be treading on any other models' ground. Personally though, if I want an edgy, sporty car for $50k, I'm not going to be looking at a Mercedes sedan.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well thats the whole point of the CLS it isn't "needed" they just wanted to do something different. I've heard different things about it's size, some are saying its as large as a S-Class, but it does use the E's platform, so.....

    I too didn't like the styling, and I'm still not crazy about it, but I figure as long as they don't go that route with the next S-Class (the next new Benz a comin') they can do whatever they want with the CLS. Who knows they might win over a new group of buyers that would have never considered a Mercedes before. The next E won't arrive until about 2009 or so, it was brand new for 2003.

  • caneaucaneau Posts: 14
    If the point of the car is to compete against the E Class, it's a big risk for MB to take in a time when DaimlerChrysler is in some serious financial problems. It costs tens of millions of dollars to develop a car that may or may not succeed. MB for the past several decades had a certain niche in the automotive world and certain cars to fill that niche. Taking a chance and trying to make an overpriced German version of the new Lexus G430 when you already have a sports sedan in your lineup I think is asking for one of the models to fail. We'll see if MB can create a new market and draw some buyers away from say a 5 series, or if we will see the CLS lining Benz dealerships.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I've heard that it is close to the Pacifica- I remember the Pacifica being badged as a "Sports Tourer" The new punch line in Pacifica ads is "Well beyond the SUV" The Pacifica isn't selling well, I wonder how the Vison Grand Sports Tourer will do.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well the CLS isn't going to be produced in anywhere near the numbers the E-Class is. Secondly the CLS will be priced a lot higher and won't compete directly with the E-Class, its strictly a 4-seater. The CLS uses mainly off the shelf parts and thus didn't cost nearly as much as totally new model would have cost.

    There is a huge price gap between the CLK and CL Coupes, of which the CLS is attempting to fill. People who buy E-Classes want practicality, the CLS won't be too good at that its more of an indulgence.

    I see no resemblance to the new GS, the GS is far less svelt. I predict the CLS will be a hit, its different looking for a Benz, and afterall a new Benz is hot no matter how it looks, the new CLK proves this.

  • ajroseajrose Posts: 29
    Any clues about price point of this model? Looks like it is meant to go head to head with BMW's new 6 series ($70k).
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Thats the best guess range, that of the 6-Series. I'd say the CLS350 would go for about 60K and the CLS500 for about 70K, roughly.

  • caneaucaneau Posts: 14
    I'll start from the bottom.

    Are you kidding me, no resemblance? Just look at the side profile. Someone got the plans to the other guy's car and copied it. The same swooping rear with the mega C-pillars to give the car extra big blind spots. The front lights swooped back ala-350Z. Sure the front end and rear end have typical Lexus and Benz treatments, but the cars from the side look too similar for it to be a coincidence.
    A huge price gap and off the shelf equipment. That fuels my point even more. Although I think most people are out of their mind for buying a Benz to begin with when they could have gotten a Lexus, Infiniti, or Acura for at least a couple grand less, I think they might have enough smarts to spend the extra grand or two and buy an E55 if they want a performance sedan or an S500 if they want the pinnacle of luxury. Heck, the E500 Sport might even suit their tastes for $10k less.
    Next, the CLK and CL coupes are based on completely different platforms. The CLK coupe is a 2 door E-Class and the CL is a 2 door S-Class. The reason they are priced so far apart is because they are completely different cars in size, performance, and purpose. The CLK is a nimble coupe or convertible for the middle aged yupi. The CL is a 2 door sedan and sitting in the driver's seat, you could mistake it for an S-Class.
    And everything Mercedes imports to the States is a hit...because we all see G-Classes every day while driving to work.
    About the Benz competing with the 6...maybe in price but probably not in characteristics. The 6 is more of a competition for the CL than anything else (big 2+2 2-door sedan with a huge amount of power). The nice part about the 6 is that it has more power, better handling, and undercuts the 6 by $20k. Also, I doubt someone in the market for a 2 door performance coupe for somewhere in the neighborhood of $80k will be drooling over a 4 door, automatic CSL any time soon.
    Like I said before though, nobody's really tried this sort of concept before, so who knows, maybe it will attract a whole new clientele. We'll see how the GS and CLS will fare against regular sedans and coupes.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Hey, you see similarities between the new GS and CLS, I don't. The GS is thick and ungainly, the CLS is lithe and swoopy. The GS is about a confused and busy as styling can be, imo. The front looks like like a Camry Solara, the rear like a Maxima. Come to think of it the GS looks like a giant Maxima, the CLS clearly doesn't. Neither one of us is going to convince the other here, so lets agree to disagree.

    Value and what people could or should by is also too much to get into here, we'll just have to disagree there too, obviously the sales numbers prove otherwise also.

    You're correct the CLK and CL are built on different platforms. Who said they weren't? However, the CLK isn't based on the E-Class , it's based on the C-Class, and the CL is based on the S, hence the CLS being based on the E-Class platform. Mercedes hasn't done a true "E-Class" Coupe since 1995.

    You're right in that the CLS probably won't match the 6-Series dynamically, I don't think Mercedes expects it to. Truth be told the CLS is just a swooper E-Class with a few extra perks.

    The 645Ci might have more power and outhandle the CL500, but the CL500 is at a styling and luxury point which the 645Ci can only dream about. The CL is a true 4-seater, I doubt the 6 will match it in room and it certainly won't match it in luxury. The 645Ci won't be able to compete with the CL55 or CL600 either, which it shouldn't considering the price. The real 645Ci competitors are the CLK500 and CLK55 AMG.

    " We'll see how the GS and CLS will fare against regular sedans and coupes."

    The GS is a regular sedan, has been since 1993 and it hasn't "fared" to well. Whether or not you see the logic behind the CLS or not, pricewise/sizewise it fits in the MB lineup. I agree, nobody wanting a true coupe is going to want a CLS, hence it being a true niche product designed to fill a void in the MB lineup with a coupe-like sedan. I predict it will be a hit.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    who ever came up with comparing a sedan to a coupe?

  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    Auto Bild in Europe is quoting around $US69,000 for the 6cyl and $US79,000 for the 8cyl. Of course all the options will push both $US10,000 more....

    By the way they also state it could be higher because the 2006 CL model will go even more upmarket. 8cyl starting around $US115,000 with the next CL700 closing in on $US150,000
  • i totally agree that the CLS looks absolutely NOTHING like the new GS. please, it's like comparing apples and oranges. the GS is such an ugly vehicle, a huge disappointment after the (moderately) beautiful LFS concept Lexus showed. i'm disappointed. the CLS is gorgeous, but it needs the right colour--silver doesnt do it. deep red does. jz like the new SLK R171 needs black. btw i don't agree that the new CLK is ugly--it is one of the most beautiful cars ever, it's really a head turner--i know it doesnt look good in pictures, but in real life, my God... what a stunner.. the proportions are simply amazing.
    those who think the CLS rear and interior look like lexus, u need new spectacles! my, my, which lexus ever looked like that, may i ask? which [non-permissible content removed] saloon EVER looked anything like it? and wsag26--VW being creative in design?? we've got people with weird tastes here. VW is doing nothing more than copying their Audi department's design ideas. look at Phaeton vs A8, new Golf interior vs Audi A3 interior. nice, yes, but yaaawwwwwnnnn....
    CLS might or might not be a hit, but it deserves mention as mercedes attempting something new, though i do agree it is slightly over-styled. though nothing as bad as new BMWs. btw, why not have a new style for the interior and exterior? i personally think it's very good indeed. those who refuse merc to change are in the same class (sorry, pun intended) as those who didnt understand why the current S-class looks so different from its predecessor. the sales figures should answer that question. with [non-permissible content removed] finally catching up to copying german interior design successfully, it's time for something new. i respect that.
  • guys, here's the CLS in burgundy red. enjoy!
    absolutely beautiful in this trim.
    especially like the headlights. very nice, nothing like anything i've seen on any recent car--it's like an 'aggressified' version of the S-class's items. btw the CLS should be the same length and width as an S-class, though headroom will be smaller.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Those prices for the CLS seem pretty high, but the fit very neatly between the E/CLK and S/CL cars. With thos prices there won't be much conflic with either set of lower and upper prices Benzes.

    Mercedes is going to push the next CL even higher huh...interesting. That move is probably a direct result of Bentley selling a coupe for a little more than the current CL600. I just hope the next CL is a beauty like the current one.

  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    I think the CLS is an attractive car.

    But it also kind of looks like an ES330, especially from the side. Look at the profile of the ES, and the profile of the CLS, and there is definitely some resemblance.
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