Very bad experience with my Range Rover Sport

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I was rear ended by someone going 10 mph in Feb. of 2015. The car went into an authorized Land Rover repair shop (the only one in Colorado for an aluminum frame vehicle and it is four hours away). The original estimate was $26,000. It sat in the shop for months while the guy found more and more damage (allegedly). In June, he found an "additional" $27,000 in damage and was now threatening to charge my insurance a $45 a day storage fee because the car was "done." The car was finally shipped back to the dealer in Denver on Sept 1 (8 months later!!!!) where it had a 30 plus error and warning lights, a missing fob, scratches to the car, and 1,300 extra miles. I'm not even kidding. The dealership has had the car for a month and cannot get it fixed. Nine months in the shop, $53,000 in damages, a $5,000 rental fee and many hours of phone calls and emails to try to get this resolved to no avail. It's still in the shop today!!!!


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    Who's paying for all this? The other driver's insurance company I hope. Have to wonder why they didn't total it in the first place. You may want to get the state's insurance commission involved.
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