Chevy Malibu Brakes

dnoonkestednoonkeste Member Posts: 1
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I needed to change the brake rotors on the front. I also replaced the brake pads on the front and back. It does not do it all the time, but sometimes there is a little squealing noise, but not when you put on the backs. What could be the problem?


  • phillyjoeybphillyjoeyb Member Posts: 4
    There are pins that make that but since they new it might not be that. They are new. For how long has it been doing that? I changed all 4 of mine. For 2 or 3 weeks I have bugs but they went away. Don't mess with it tho if you don't knew what it is. Could be serious. Smells n bugs sometimes normal. Mine were normal.
  • phillyjoeybphillyjoeyb Member Posts: 4
    What you mean not when you put on backs? Emergency? That's a different brake.
  • joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    Cheap pads can cause squealing, or not installing the anti-rattle clips correctly. "not when you put on the backs" you mean 'brakes' and not 'backs'? That usually means your pads are worn and the wear sensor is scratching the rotor but that doesn't seem right if you put new brakes on. Assuming you put the pads on right?
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