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Leak in drivers side

danielle33danielle33 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Chevrolet
Let me start off by saying at first we had a 2015 yukon xl. We had problems with it from the first day we had it. Everything was eventually fixed except for a leak that kept leaving a puddle of water in the drives side floor after a heavy rain or going through the car wash. After several attempts to fix it the deal took it back and we got a 2015 suburban ltz. After having it for a mouth i started noticing the exact same leak as was in the yukon. I just took it back in for the second time for the leak to see if they could figure it or this time. It is causing a lot of electrical issues already I can tell. Is anyone else having this problem. The dealer did tell me that they had someone else with a yukon with the same problem but i don't know what ever happened in that situation
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