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my sister is buying a used 2011 dodge durango citadel trim, so purchasing the vehicle for 33,000 and had noticed they dropped the price to 27, after paperwork started now nothing is finalized pending documents and can easily be changed to my knowledge. I think they should honor the difference and fix it.... but how to approach that? who to speak to specifically? what to say? and overall explanation. i'm very curious and could use help ASAP.

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    So you saw the reduced price in an ad or on their website or in some documents?

    My recommendation would be for you or your sister to tell the salesperson you are working with that you see that the real price per the ad (or whatever) is $27,000 and you expect the sales price to reflect that.

    If they won't lower the price, then it's probably better just to walk out and start over.
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    The reduced price was on the internet, again the deal isn't finalized either but paperwork is pretty much done..... I'm thinking since it's not final shouldn't be an issue.
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    There shouldn't be a fine print issue cause when she decided on it 33 was the Internet price and being sold for price however days later drops to 27, I agree it's either fixed or walk, hopefully she won't be too stubborn If it doesn't work in her favor
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    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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